Press Shia Agency – Exploiting valuable experience of al-Mustafa International University to develop and evaluate a model for top Muslim world’s schools was emphasized in a meeting attended by Managing Director of the Razavi Cultural Foundation and the head of al-Mustafa International University.

Press Shia Agency – Following the initiation of operational procedures of the Tenth International Festival of “Wilayat Sun” in Mashhad, a meeting was held between with the director of Razavi Cultural Foundation and the head of the Mashhad branch of al-Mustafa International University.

During the meeting, Mohammad-Taqi Fakhrian, the director of Razavi Cultural Foundation, pointed to the administrative process of Wilayat Sun Festival and said, “According to the festival’s international image, maximized utilization of members’ capacity and al-Mustafa seminary students is expected.”

“The festival consists of a series of cultural and artistic contests, which for the tenth year in a row, is held by the Cultural Foundation of Astan Quds Razavi, and by centeredness of cultural foreigner and domestic students and colleagues” he added.

“The international festival, with the cooperation of influential institutions in the area of student activities during the academic year 2016-2017, in eight cultural, artistic disciplines, with approach of Imam al-Ridha, knowledge and pilgrimage is held that since the beginning of the school year, its implementation process has begun,” Fakhrian stated, pointing to the importance and necessity of maximum utilization of cultural institutions capacity.

Hujjat al-Islam Mahdavi-Mehr, the head of the Mashhad branch of al-Mustafa International University, then, highlighting the presence of seminary students of more than 130 countries in al-Mustafa International University establishment said, “In order to hold the festival more elegantly, which is adorned with the name of Imam al-Ridha, we can exploit be the capacity of foreigner seminary students living in Iran, and all the agencies and the active centres worldwide.”