Press Shia – Hawzah News Agency hosted a meeting on the legal review of the recent executions in Bahrain which was attended by Iranian and Bahraini clerics and civil and political rights experts.

Press Shia – Speaking at a meeting on the legal review of recent executions in Bahrain in at Qom’s Hawzah News Agency, which attended by Iranian and Bahraini clerics and civil and political rights experts, Hujjat al-Islam Mohammad-Hasan Khojasteh, a senior member of the Islamic Council of Bahraini Scholars, said, “The Bahraini people will be on the battlefield and will have a stronger presence, claiming their rights. Whatever the pressure and cruelty of the regime continues, the will of the people becomes stronger and this movement is not going to stop.”

He added, “The greater the pressure and cruelty of the regime, the will of the people becomes stronger.”

Hujjat al-Islam Alaeddin, the secretary of Solidarity With The Bahraini People, said, “Seminarians are concerned with what is happening in Bahrain.”

Referring to an unprecedented wave of executions and denial of citizenship in Bahrain, he said, what happens in Bahrain is not properly reflected in the media.

He added, “Crimes against the Bahraini people must be given a response in various areas.”

Dr. Mohammad-Khalil Salehi, with a doctorate in international criminal law criminal also referred to the legislation of the Al Khalifah regime on the execution of Shi’ah Muslims, saying, “Legislation is not enough to violate criminal procedure.”

Dr. Salehi reiterated, “There are good capacities and an impartial and independent audience in the international community to hear the voice of truth, and if more currents created, even deaf ears will hear it eventually.”

Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Majid Masoudi, a scholar in international law, also said, “In the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which Bahrain is also a member of, the movement is toward abolition of executions, so it can be cited against the Al Khalifah regime.”

He continued, “The Islamic Human Rights Declaration in Cairo has also important elements that can be cited against the crimes of the Bahraini regime.”

The execution and torture of Bahraini citizens 

Hujjat al-Islam Khojasteh continued, “In 2017, 22 death sentences were issued in Bahrain, 6 of these people were sentenced at military court while being civilians. 21 different methods were used to torture detainees, and during the one-year detention, no information was available to their families.”

His Eminence noted, “Over the course of six years, 500 Bahrainis who were more Bahraini than al-Khalifah itself were deprived of their nationality, and instead tens of thousands people of other nations obtained citizenship in order to change the Bahraini demographic system.”