WASHINGTON, DC (Press Shia) – Activists flocked to US President-elect Donald Trump’s luxury hotel here in the US capital to protest against his racist and Islamophobic stances.

According to Press Shia dispatches, tens of political and civil activists gathered in front of the Trump International Hotel on Friday, chanting slogans and carrying banners reading, among others, “Islam Is Not Terrorism”, “No to Trump”, “No to Racism and Fascism”, and “No to Islamophobia”.

“We’re here today because of all the hate messages that Trump has been saying. Like, talking about Muslims as being terrorists, wanting to start a registry, talking about Mexicans as being criminals, and rapists. Really offensive things about women as well,” one of the rally’s organizers told Press Shia.

He added that the demonstrators gathered in front of the Trump Hotel to condemn and protest against racism, discrimination and fascism.

Anti-Trump protests have not slowed down over a week after the New York billionaire’s election victory against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Since Trump’s stunning victory on November 8, protesters have taken to streets in cities across the US to denounce his proposed policies against Muslims, women and minorities.