Press Shia Agency – A group of revolutionary organizations in Bahrain have issued a joint message on the anniversary of the occupation of the tiny Persian Gulf country by Saudi forces and described that day as Bahrain’s “Black Day.”

Press Shia – According to Press Shia Agency News Agency, a group of revolutionary organizations of Bahrain issued a joint statement in which they described the Peninsula Shield Forces as occupying the country and said that this action “consolidated the option of resistance as the only way to expel the invaders.”


“On the seventh anniversary of the occupation of Bahrain by the Saudi forces, we convey our congratulations on the patience and perseverance of the Bahraini people and we remember the painful memory of the arrival of the Peninsula Shield Forces, consisting of forces from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, which was established under the cover of the United States and the United Kingdom, and the shameful silence of the international community,” they said.


Referring to the crimes of the occupiers who shed the people’s blood, violated their sanctities, destroyed mosques and husayniyahs, violated of all sanctities of the peaceful, independence-, dignity- and freedom-seeking people of Bahrain, they added, “The cowardly and occupying forces, who hold a religious grudge [against Shi’ah Muslims], are in favour of the illegitimate system of the Al Khalifah and are seeking to consolidate the foundations of this regime’s power, which has been shaken due to the people’s uprising. The people of Bahrain are shouting the slogan: ‘Overthrow the bloodthirsty regime’ and want to end the dictatorship, tyranny, murder, torture and injustice in the country.”


These groups mentioned March 14, 2011 as a “Black Day” in Bahrain’s history and said, “On that day, Bahrain’s soil was full of tear gas and the world watched the brutal and violent attacks by the Saudi army in various parts of Bahrain and the killing of innocent civilians with American-made weapons. The head of the martyr Ahmad Farhan is a reason for the bloodthirsty mindset of the Al Saud and the shameful silence of the world.


They said, “It’s been seven years since that day, and the nation has never been silent, and the Americans and the British, with the support of Al Khalifah, have not been able to return Bahrain back to the era before the February 14 revolution, but the nation has risen their heads and engaged in sacred defense.”


The revolutionary groups of Bahrain stated that the presence of Saudi forces means the occupation of Bahrain. They are committing crimes in cooperation with the intelligence agencies of the United States and the United Kingdom. In order to attack the Islamic ummah, the terrorist Al Saud regime has been transformed into a tool in the hands of the Zionist-American coalition and also is a cancerous tumour created by the arrogant powers. 


The statement was issued by the February 14th Youth Coalition, the al-Wafa Islamic Party, the Haqq Movement for Liberty and Democracy and the Islamic Action Society.


In March 2011, the Bahraini regime asked Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf Arab countries to assist with the crackdown on the popular protests.


The Bahraini regime, backed by forces from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, began a violent, deadly crackdown on protests, which has led to thousands of arrests, scores of deaths, and systematic torture of detainees.