Press Shia Agency – Shaykh Khidhr al-Kabsh emphasized stressed that the plan of the arrogant powers is create authorities in the Islamic ummah in order to destroy the image of pure Muhammadan Islam.

Press Shia – In an interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Shaykh Khidhr al-Kabsh, a member of the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon, referred to the actions of the “British Shi’ahs” and “American Sunnis” in creating disagreements in the Islamic ummah and said, “These misguided groups who serve the enemies of the ummah have existed in different forms from the beginning of Islam until today and they have created divisions in order to serve the enemies of Islam so far as the Holy Quran has uncovered much of their hypocrisy and malice. These misguided groups are striving with their utmost ability to eradicate the form of the original and pure Muhammadan Islam.

The Lebanese Sunni cleric added, “Today, among both the Sunnis and Shi’ahs, there are groups that have been pursuing Zionist-American policies, and even surpass their leaders and masters in this area, and also take actions which are outside the commands [of Islam] to satisfy the enemies of Islam. Our duty as clergymen, scholars and missionaries is to alert the people to the danger of these phenomena and to explain their destructive objectives and plans to divide the region and expose the supporters of these phenomena.”

Referring to the British government’s contradictory behaviour in regard to putting pressure on and putting restraints on Islamic institutions and supporting the extremist ‘English Shi’ism’ phenomenon,” Shaykh al-Kabsh said, “The issue of freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, press freedom, democracy and such concepts which the United States, the United Kingdom and their allies in the region and the international arena always speak of are hollow, absurd and worthless slogans. Today, true justice and liberty are only meaningful in the school of Islam.”

He continued, “If we examine the history of religions and schools of thought, we will conclude that Islam is a supporter of freedom of speech, opinion and thought, and in addition to human rights, the special rights of women have been respected and officially recognized. Today, the United States and United Kingdom are deeply afraid of the media that follow the of pure Muhammadan Islam and stand against the enemies of the Islamic ummah.”

The Lebanese cleric stressed that the plan of the arrogant powers is create authorities in the Islamic ummah in order to destroy the image of pure Muhammadan Islam, said, “The American, British, and Zionist triangle are introducing religious, political and social authorities among the Islamic ummah. Of course, we must refer to them as ‘so-called’ religious authorities because they are not really religious authorities. They consider them as the authorities for the Islamic ummah, in order to destroy the face of Islam through them, thus providing them with the most media coverage to activate religious faults and set up a religious war in the Islamic ummah.”

Pointing to the goals of these networks and foreign media outlets, Shaykh al-Kabsh noted that the arrogant powers provide financial and spiritual support for these seditious media outlets and provides all the necessary facilities at the highest level in order to change religious concepts with the assistance of these extremist and radical media outlets and can establish religious discord among the Islamic ummah. Meanwhile, there are media outlets that, despite fewer opportunities, still stand against the enemies’ plans and invite the people to unite and jihad on the path of God.

In conclusion, he referred to the role of religious scholars and elites in the face of extremist and radical phenomena and said, “The scholars and the religious, political, and social elites who are influential in society must interact with each other and not allow the activities of internal and foreign extremist phenomena which engage in religious wars in the name of religion and the Islamic ummah.” 

The term English or Mi6 Shi’ism refers to a deviated form of Shi’ism propagated by British intelligence to weaken Islam and sow discord among Muslims.