TEHRAN, Mar. 12 (Press Shia Agency) – Iranian Ambassador to London, Hamid Baeidinejad, said Sun. that he has received death threats by a member of Sadeq Shirazi community, a Britain-based Shia extremist sect, days after a raid on the embassy building.

The Iranian ambassador posted on his Twitter account a screenshot of a series of threats on his life made by Hossein Marashi Ghazvini, a member of Sadeq Shirazi community that carried out a raid on the embassy building on Friday.

“Given the fact that charges on murder and other confirmed charges have criminal penalties in both law and religion, can we at the very least hope for support from our own country’s judicial authorities?”, Baeidinejad wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

On Friday afternoon, four members of Sadeq Shirazi, a Britain-based Shia extremist sect, scaled the wall of Iran’s embassy building in London and took down the Iranian flag.

The Iranian envoy said the attackers represent an extremist Shia community that has a sectarian interpretation of Shia and insist on insulting the grand Sunni leaders.

He went on to add that, despite the attack, the UK government has an unwavering commitment to assure the inviolability of the embassy.

Following the raid, Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned UK Ambassador to Tehran Nicholas Hopton to express the Islamic Republic’s protest and object the performance of the UK police in the face of the attack.