Press Shia Agency – The representative for the people of the province of Khuzestan in the Assembly of Expert said that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has neutralized the enemies’ plots at various levels.

Press Shia Agency – Ayatollah Abbas Ka’bi, the representative for the people of the province of Khuzestan in the Assembly of Experts, referred to the services of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to the Islamic Revolution and praised the IRGC’s ability to confront the influence of the enemies, saying, “The activities of the enemies of Islam and the Revolution – the United States, the Zionist regime, the United Kingdom and their allies in the region, such as the Al Saud, against the integrity of Iran and the Islamic and revolutionary identity of the Iranian nation – included a full-fledged war.”
The renowned scholar added, “This was a full-fledged war due to the desperation of the enemies because they were dealt with a heavy defeat in all fields by the Iranian nation and the powerful leadership and the protective forces of the Islamic Republic’s holy system and the forces of the Islamic Resistance, especially the IRGC.”
Referring to the fields of war of the enemies, he said, “The enemies’ arenas of war include media, psychological and soft warfare and the weakening of the beliefs and ethics of society as well as warfare in the arenas of security, diplomatic, economic and moral affairs.”
Ayatollah Ka’bi continued, “Because of the great deterrent force of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the enemies do not dream of war or military threats in order to carry out their threats. Thus, they have turned into other arenas of war and this regard, the war of influence held importance and they seek to make use of weak points and vacuums.” 
The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom stated, “Of course, the enemies make use of neglect, the weak points of their targets and subjects for comprehensive influence in the war of influence. In this manner, the security forces, especially the intelligence agency of the IRGC, has neutralized many of the enemies’ plots at various levels.”
He said, “The Iranian people became aware of some of these projects, the last of which was to influence the environment. These projects have enormous influence and the enemies seek to implement their project through higher education and even through the Islamic seminaries, politicians, officials and effective social elites.” 
Ayatollah Ka’bi noted, “All praise be to God, the open eyes of the observers and guardians of the holy forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran are aware of all of these arenas and by making fitting accomplishments, they will always neutralize the enemies’ plots and plans.”
His Eminence added, “In some projects, the prey imagines that it will not be monitored, but in this regard, that is not the case. They prey which is hunted by the enemies’ intelligence services are definitely being observed and even the intelligence services of the enemies will be monitored and at the right moment, action and an operation will be carried out.”
Ayatollah Ka’bi stated, “In the war of influence, the Islamic Republic and the IRGC have a high level of vigilance and carefulness. The IRGC have a brilliant record and we thank them for their contributions.”