TEHRAN, Mar. 23 (Press Shia Agency) – In the wake of naming the current year after “Supporting Iranian Products” by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, Iranian Ministry of foreign Affairs issued a statement and emphasized on backing economic activists of the country wholeheartedly.

Given the above issue, Iranian Foreign Ministry voiced its readiness to support economic activists in the current Iranian calendar year in 1397 (started March 21, 2018) and reported, “facilitation of trade and business activities in the year named after “supporting Iranian goods” is the main and top priority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

For this purpose, Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make all tis utmost effort to materialize objectives of the current year’s motto on “backing Iranian goods” in the best form possible.

Hereunder is the full text of statement issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic missions in all parts of the world received the enlightened message of Leader of the Islamic Revolution on ‘supporting Iranian products’ as the slogan named after in the current Iranian calendar year in 1397 (started March 21, 2018). We are of the opinion that relying on justice, experienced manpower and domestic capabilities as well as getting rid of oil-driven economy is the sole way of progress and development of the country, the issue of which should be taken into serious consideration. In line with implementation of recent statements of the Leader on the necessity of supporting economic activists of the country with a focus on increasing nonoil exports, Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs embarked on changing structure of the ministry in order to facilitate attaining the economic priorities of the country.

“Moreover focusing on the facilitation of conclusion of bilateral and multilateral economic contracts with neighboring states and business trade unions such as Eurasia and emerging economies, the ministry tries to pave suitable ways for strengthening production and productive employment in the country, qualitative and quantitative growth of Iranian products, facilitation of competition of Iranian products in target markets, etc.”