TEHRAN, Mar. 23 (Press Shia) – Head of Iranian-Made Laboratory Materials and Equipment Exhibition Dr. Mahmoud Sheikh Zeynaddin revealed the upgrade of Iranian laboratory equipment technology and said, “use of these laboratory equipment will save significant currency in the field of importing pertinent equipment into the country.”

In an interview with Press Shia correspondent, he stated, “this prestigious exhibition, which has become a platform for interaction of buyers and suppliers of these products, is perhaps the only example of activities done in the country in the field of knowledge-based economy that deals with the stimulation of demand for knowledge-based products.”

Creation of a marketplace is the most important problem facing knowledge-based companies, he said, adding, “this prestigious exhibition has had a significant impact in stimulation of demand for knowledge-based products as well.”

The exhibition started its activity in 2013, so that 1,425 corporate models participated in this exhibition, he maintained.

Technology Innovation and Commercialization Deputy for Science and Technology Affairs went on to say that 4,000 billion rials worth of laboratory equipment was sold to universities and scientific centers in the country.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he pointed to the salient advantages of organizing the exhibition in selling domestically-produced laboratory equipment and added, “all laboratory parts and equipment showcased in this exhibition have been manufactured by researchers of knowledge-based companies, so that universities and scientific centers are equipped with domestically-manufactured products with fair and reasonable prices.”

In conclusion, Head of Iranian-Made Laboratory Materials and Equipment Exhibition Dr. Mahmoud Sheikh Zeynaddin said, “knowledge-based companies always try to promote their products in a way that the number of domestically-produced laboratory equipment technology has been increased considerably in the recent years.”