Press Shia – The representative of Esfahan in the Iranian parliament said that despite the sanctions imposed on Iran, Iran has not become isolated but rather Iran has gained greater economic strength, power and deterrence in the international arena.

Press Shia Agency – In an interview with Press Shia News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Ahmad Salek-Kashani , the vice-president of Iran’s Parliamentary Cultural Commission, referred to the recent call for unity within Iran’s Islamic system of government by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, adding that this is because the enemies seek to target the Iranian people’s faith and belief by propagating immorality and decadent values in society.


Hujjat al-Islam Salek-Kashani stressed that despite the economic sanctions imposed on Iran for the past 37 years, Iran has been able to reach a level of deterrent power and has been able to present itself on an international level against the will that the enemies who have sought to isolate Iran.


“Not only has Iran not been isolated but Iran has gained greater economic strength, power and deterrence in the international arena and this is an important issue,” the scholar said.


His Eminence added we must aim at increasing internal scientific development at a global level and in regard to this, internal unity should be accomplished based on scientific development, knowledge and insight.


Hujjat al-Islam Salek stated that if we allow the enemies to realize their plots against us, they will be able to harm us greatly.


In regard to the November 8th American election, Ayatollah Khamenei warned those inside Iran who are fascinated with the US that they must know that the US is plagued with internal decay and we expect that the US will collapse.


“In the past few days there have been many protests against president-elect Donald Trump throughout the US and even in several European countries and this represents the collapse of the hegemonic systems of government,” he said.


In conclusion, Hujjat al-Islam Salek-Kashani stated, “God-willing, we will witness the collapse of the US and Europe just as we witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union.”