TEHRAN (Press Shia) – An American writer said the US and UK have no substantial evidence that Russia was behind the poisoning of a former spy in Salisbury, noting that London has possibly “fabricated these accusations” to broaden the already widening rift between Russia and the Western Bloc.

“Unless sufficient evidence is presented, we must assume that Great Britain has fabricated these accusations in order to broaden the already widening rift between Russia and the Western Bloc…,” Walt Peretto from Washington told the Press Shia News Agency.

Walt Peretto is an American writer, researcher, analyst, and sociopolitical psychologist. He writes for several online news magazines. He is also working on a book that will introduce the groundwork for sociopolitical psychology which is the study of the behaviors behind social systems and their interactions.

The full text of the interview is as follows:

Press Shia: As you know, the United States and more than a dozen European nations expelled Russian diplomats recently and the Trump administration ordered Russia’s consulate in Seattle to close, as the West sought joint punishment for Moscow’s alleged poisoning of an ex-spy in Britain. What is your take on the move?

Peretto: According to the Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko, the British Government has yet to present evidence to back up their accusations that Moscow is responsible for the attempted murder of ex-Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter, on British soil. UK authorities are saying that the Russian developed nerve agent Novichok was used in the attacks. Unless sufficient evidence is presented, we must assume that Great Britain has fabricated these accusations in order to broaden the already widening rift between Russia and the Western Bloc. The powers that be in London, along with the United States and other Western nations, have been accusing the Russian Federation of a number of wrong-doings against the West for well over a year now; including tampering with the 2016 presidential election process in the US. These accusations may have some degree of credibility, but it is likely this is part of a campaign to portray Russia as a major power that is becoming increasingly rogue in nature—and an increasing concern to the security of the Western Bloc. The mainstream media in the West, the United States left-wing media in particular, have pushed the ‘Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election process’ narrative ad nauseam since the election of President Donald Trump almost a year and a half ago. Before the election, numerous e-mails were leaked to the public on the internet attributed to officials in the Democratic Party, that range from suspicious to outright criminal in nature. By blaming the Russians non-stop with mostly paltry and unconfirmed evidence—the Democratic Party is shifting the focus from the content of the e-mails themselves, to the processes in which the e-mails were leaked. Some of the most potentially damaging of these e-mails contain coded language that officials in the FBI have compared with coded language commonly used to communicate between members of organized pedophiles rings on the deep web. We know that elite pedophile rings operate throughout elite levels of the world’s most powerful and influential people—including political levels and other prominent institutions. On a less heinous level, Russia is also being targeted by the Democratic Party as a scapegoat for losing the 2016 presidential election to the Republicans.

Press Shia: Britain has no substantial evidence that Russia was behind the recent nerve agent attack on the former spy. Why are the US, UK, and their allies insisting that Moscow did it?

Peretto: The Western Bloc nations are using their controlled mainstream media to inculcate a narrative that Russia is employing cyberwarfare against the West and committing murders against Russian citizens in the UK. Whether or not there is any factual basis to these accusations, remains to be seen—but it is clear that the Western Bloc is controlled at their highest echelons by pathological groups that orchestrate Western political processes, economies, foreign policies, and intelligence operations from power centers based primarily in the City of London, Washington, DC and Tel Aviv; with  ancillary sub-centers throughout Europe, the Commonwealth nations, and various nations in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia and some of the peripheral kingdoms on the Arabian Peninsula, along with points in Africa and Asia. Together, these territories comprise nations already engulfed and in-line to become part of a one-world system of dominance and control by a pathological elite that some people call the New World Order. These plans include the eventual subjugation of all nations, and all of the world’s people and material resources by global organized psychopathy. Today, there are some nations that remain outside of this order who will be targeted for propaganda, false flags and other intelligence operations, and direct violent conflict. Russia is one of these nations, along with Syria, Iran, Yemen, and likely China to some degree, along with any other remaining independent nations. Of these nations; Russia and China are the most powerful. This geopolitical reality is the main reason why Russia has been targeted by incessant Western mainstream media propaganda, and now by official diplomatic actions, such as the proposed closing of the Russian Consulate in Seattle, and other consulates in several Western nations.

Press Shia: Some experts argue that Washington is furious with its successive defeats in the region, Syria in particular, and is seeking to undermine Russia and finally start a new war. Do you believe so?

Peretto: It is clear that the recent conflict in Syria has been instigated by the Western Bloc’s desire for regime change in Damascus. The reasoning is to corral Syria into the proposed one-world order. The strategy used in recent years has been the destabilization of Syria by mercenaries under the management of Western intelligence agencies. These Western proxies are packaged as radical Muslim fundamentalist militant groups by the controlled Western media. The tragedy is that the people of Syria are being terrorized, maimed, and killed by these Western proxies that are called Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, IS or Al Qaeda in Western propaganda media outlets. Russia also has a geopolitical alliance with Syria, and they have been successful in recent months in curtailing these terrorist groups to the chagrin of the Western Bloc. This can be seen as another reason to target Russia—but I don’t believe this is the main reason behind the demonization of Russia by the West. Logically, the Western-controlled media would not want to emphasize, or bring light to, the fact that terrorism in the Middle East is a Western manufactured phenomenon. The United States in particular, justifies its monstrous military budget by the contrived post-9/11 “War on Terror.” The last thing Western social-engineers and propagandists want is for the world to wake up to the fact that the so-called “War on Terror” is actually a Western creation. This is why the West has tolerated Russian intervention in Syria without military retaliation. The West certainly envisions the eventual absorption of Russia into a one-world system—but the West is not going to start a war with Russia over their recent losses in Syria. The potential for a public relations disaster and exposure of Western terrorism is too high a price to pay to go to war with Russia at this time. The current strategy is clearly the use of incessant propaganda, disinformation, diplomatic disruptions, possible sanctions, and accusations against Russia without credible evidence to back them up. 

Press Shia: Trump has also announced a trade war with China and there are reports that US talks with North Korea might never happen especially with John Bolton coming in as the new national security adviser. Do you believe that the three countries will unite to counter the US threats?

Peretto: The appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor adds a seasoned criminal to Trump's arsenal of strategists and architects vying for the implementation of a one-world system of complete dominance and control over humanity and the Earth’s natural resources. Bolton is a signatory of a document entitled Project for the New American Century (PNAC) in 1997. This is the document that suggests that “a new Pearl Harbor” may be necessary to usher in a foreign policy that would subsequently be named the ‘War on Terror’ on September 11, 2001, On this day, the tragic false flag operation called 9/11 was perpetrated by the West on its own citizens and falsely blamed on Muslim religious fundamentalists. Bolton comes right out of this cabal who committed these heinous crimes against humanity that has led to great suffering in many parts of the world in the last 17 years. The question is, do I believe that Russia, China, and North Korea will unite to counter US aggression? The answer is no in the short term. Russia, China, and North Korea have little in common geopolitically and culturally, other than they are outside of the direct influence of the Western Bloc at the present time. Russia and China are powerful nations who are interlocked with the world economies and are somewhat dependent on trade to maintain their rising standards of living—and they remain powerful militarily and maintain an independent streak culturally, and will not be so quick to submit to a one-world system short of a very large seat at the table if and when the New World Order is implemented globally. It is debatable whether the Western elites are willing to offer them such a large stake in the proposed New World Order dystopia. North Korea on the other hand, is very weak economically and in my opinion, they serve both global social-engineers and dark social psychologists, as a contemporary model of a dystopian society in which they can evaluate their methods in terms of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to direct mass human manipulation and control.