TEHRAN (Press Shia) – A senior member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) said recent mass protests staged by Palestinians demanding the recognition of “Right of Return” proved that the people are strongly opposed to the US peace plan, also known as “the deal of the century”.

Speaking to the Press Shia News Agency, Abdullah Abdullah pointed to mass protests held in Gaza last week and said the marches demonstrated that the Palestinians are insisting on their “right of return” to the territories occupied by the Israeli regime.

He added that the Palestinians are willing to stablish an independent Palestinian state and end the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian lawmaker went on to say that they also voiced their strong opposition to Washington’s plan to resolve Palestinian-Israeli conflict, known as “the deal of the century”.

The remarks came as thousands of Palestinians in Gaza took part on Friday in the mass protests to support the return of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their former homes in the occupied territories.

Israeli security forces killed at least 18 protesters and injured more than 1,400 others, according to media reports.

The issues with respect to use of excessive force and unlawful shootings by the Israeli forces were prompted after a video emerged recently showing one Palestinian being fatally shot from behind while carrying a tire as he ran from the border area.