Press Shia Agency – The Leader of the Islamic Revolution issued a message, wherein he conveyed his condolences on the passing of Ayatollah Hajj Sayyed Abdulkarim Moussavi Ardebili.

Press Shia‌ – The following is the full text of that message: 

In the Name of God 

The noble jurisprudent (faqih) and scholar, Ayatollah Hajj Sayyed Abdulkarim Moussavi Ardebli (May God’s mercy be upon him) departed this ephemeral world to meet the Lord. I condole his respected family, respected children, all his students, admirers and followers on their hefty loss. Besides his endeavors in scholarly and jurisprudential realms, he was the head of the Islamic Republic’s Judicial Branch during a difficult time; and he was always involved in important events and issues during the time of Imam Khomeini (ra); he was among outstanding people active in serving the country. Cultural activities, establishing a high school and a university are glorious pages added in the productive life of this noble scholar. I humbly plead God to bestow His mercy and beneficence upon his soul, entwine his deeds with tremendous rewards and place him next to his purified lineage. 

Sayyed Ali Khamenei 
November 23, 2016