Press Shia – Iran’s mission in Spain in cooperation with the Spanish Federation of Islamic Religious Entities has launched a seminar on Islam and extremism.

Press Shia Agency‌ – The seminar on Islam vis-à-vis extremism was held in the Ateneo Cultural Institute in Madrid on Wednesday. 

Present at the event were Alireza Esmaeili Iran's Cultural attaché to Spain, a number of Spanish cultural officials as well as journalists. 

María Victoria Caro Bernal one of the officials affiliated with the Ateneo Cultural Institute in the Spanish capital expressed hope that such meetings would help introduce the genuine Islam to the world. 

María Isabel Romero President of the Junta Islámica (Muslim Council) in Spain, who was also present at the seminar referred to extremist activities aimed at creating horror in the society. 

She said that while extremism is an abandoned issue in many societies, societies should come to respect diversified approaches to the religion. 

At the end of the seminar, lecturers took question from the journalist and the audience. 

As of 2015, Spain officially had 1,887,906 Muslims out of a total population of 46,449,565 or slightly above 4 percent of the total population.