TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson vehemently rejected a statement by the Arab Quartet Ministerial Committee that has accused Iran of interference in the internal affairs of the Arab states, saying the “baseless and insulting” allegations are repetition of the past mistakes.

In comments on Friday, Bahram Qassemi slammed as “bogus, baseless, delusional and insulting” the anti-Iran allegations raised in the final statement of a session of the Arab Quartet Ministerial Committee, held as part of meetings in preparation for an Arab League summit.

“All contents of the statement of the four-party Arab committee –held with the Arab League secretary general in attendance– are false and groundless, and the continuation of a process that would unfortunately steer the region further away from stability and calm,” Qassemi deplored.

In a statement at the conclusion of a recent meeting ahead of the Arab League summit in Dammam, foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt condemned what they called Iranian interferences in the internal affairs of Arab countries.

Deploring the hostile stances and destructive ideologies that form the basis of the statement, Qassemi bemoaned the fact that certain states insist on hostility to Iran and repeat their mistakes by ignoring the main and common enemy of Muslims.

The spokesman finally expressed the hope that participants of an upcoming Arab League summit could develop a clear understanding of the factors behind the current regional crises without any double-standards, and contribute to Islamic and Arab unity under a realistic approach with an eye to the political history of the region.