TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The spokesman for al-Nujaba Movement, a major Shiite resistance group in Iraq, said the recent US-led missile attacks against the Syrian government have been conducted with the support of the Saudi and Israeli regimes.

Seyed Hashem al-Moussavi, in a statement, deplored the military aggression of the US, the UK, and France against Syria and said, “The idiocy of the US government and its allies changed the map of confrontation and conflict and they should bear the responsibility for the consequences of this aggression.”

The US does not want stability in Syria and tries to occupy the country and dominate its economic resources, the Iraqi spokesman noted.

He further emphasized that the Saudi money and the incitement by the Zionist regime of Israel are behind such acts of aggression against Syria and the axis of resistance.

The United States and European allies launched airstrikes on Saturday against Syrian research, storage and military targets under the pretext of a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last weekend that killed more than 40 people.

Britain and France joined the United States in the strikes in a coordinated operation that was intended to show Western resolve in the face of what the leaders of the three nations called persistent violations of international law.

Trump characterized it as the beginning of a sustained effort to force Assad to “stop using banned weapons”, but only ordered a limited, one-night operation that hit three targets.

“These are not the actions of a man,” Trump said of last weekend’s attack in a televised address from the White House Diplomatic Room. “They are crimes of a monster instead.”

Shortly after the attack, the Syrian presidency posted on Twitter, “Honorable souls cannot be humiliated.”

Within 90 minutes, the Russian ambassador to the US warned of “consequences” for the allied attacks.