TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Two persons were killed and four were injured in a shooting at a Thanksgiving Day football tournament in the US state of Kentucky on Thursday.

The shooting occurred at Shawnee Park, Louisville, where a youth football tournament called the Juice Bowl is held every year on Thanksgiving Day, Business Day website reported early on Friday.

Louisville Metro Police said officers responded to a call of multiple shootings at Shawnee Park on Thursday afternoon.

Police said there were no suspects in custody and they had not established a motive for the shooting, which occurred during an annual football tournament that dates back to the 1950s.

Dwight Mitchell, spokesman for the Louisville Metro Police Department, said that as yet, no one is aware of the motive for the shooting.

Mitchell told reporters that the four survivors suffered non-life-threatening injuries and had been taken to the hospital.

The police spokesman said the department has not made any arrests, and are still searching for possible suspects.

“When you have a tragedy like this take place, certainly it puts a damper on anyone celebrating,” Mitchell said.

The event began in the 1950s and families are known to arrive at the park early on Thursday to secure prime seats for the all-day community celebration.

Reports said that the shootings occurred about 200 yards from the annual Juice Bowl football games, which were attended by Mayor Greg Fisher.

Fischer said he attended the tournament and was about 150 yards from the shooting.

“To have people with guns so disrespect life, Shawnee Park, and neighborhood tradition is sad and has no place in our city,” he said.

The Louisville’s mayor asked people with information on the shooting to contact police, noting that there had been a recent uptick in homicides in the city.