Press Shia Agency – The senior member of the Assembly of Bahraini Scholars stated that the issue of Palestine is not important to Al Khalifah regime and said that the revolution of the Bahraini people will continue until the people’s demands are completely met.

Press Shia Agency – In an exclusive interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Hujjat al-Islam Muhammad Khojesteh, a member of the Assembly of Islamic Scholars of Bahrain, referred to the latest developments in Bahrain, saying, “Unfortunately, a critical situation in the country has prevailed and due to the intensification of the security conditions in the country, the Al Khalifah regime has suppressed the people’s peaceful demonstrations in different regions of the country. By resorting to the judiciary, the Al Khalifah regime has issued oppressive verdicts, including imprisonment, executions and the denial of citizenship.”


Describing the increased pressure on Bahraini Shi’ah leader, Ayatollah Isa Qasim, and the intensification of his house arrest by the regime, the senior member of the Assembly of Bahraini Scholars said, “The Bahraini people will continue to pursue their legitimate demands. The revolutionary atmosphere in Bahrain is the same as it was in the past and the wave of protests has not calmed down. However, we sometimes see relative calm but this calm is like fire under the ashes. Night rallies and revolutionary and legal activities will continue until the revolutionaries fully achieve their rightful demands.”


In another part of the interview, Hujjat al-Islam Khojesteh also explained the goals of the Al Khalifah regime in normalizing relations with Israel in the shadow of the Palestinian people’s intifadah, said, “The policy of normalizing relations with Israel is not a new issue but Al Khalifah has removed the mask from its real face and taken this path along with some Arab countries because they have received such a command from their leader, the United States. The Al Khalifah and Al Saud regimes are marionettes and playthings for the Americans and agents of the foreigners in the region.”


The Bahraini Shi’ah scholar added, “Today, Bahrain’s rulers explicitly reveal their relationship with Israel because, in my belief, they never paid attention to the problems and pain of the Islamic ummah. Al Khalifah never believed in the Palestinian issue as the primary issue of the Islamic world. They only think about securing their own personal interests and staying in power. Thus, for the Al Khalifah, the continuation of the intifadah and the martyrdom of the Palestinian people and the escalation of the crisis in Jerusalem al-Quds isn’t important.” 


Referring to the position and approach of the Bahraini people towards the issue of Palestine, he stated, “The views of the Bahraini people, like other nations in the region, are in contrast to the views of the government. The people of Bahrain remember Palestine every moment and every second. Even as the oppressed Bahraini people are severely suppressed these days, there is no demonstration in Bahrain where a Palestinian personality isn’t named and this is a message to our Palestinian brothers that we are still addressing the issue of Palestine as the first issue of the Islamic world.”


In conclusion, His Eminence emphasized on explaining the future of the Bahraini Revolution and said, “Although it is impossible to talk about the future definitively, the Bahraini people will not give up their demonstrations until their demands are met. Today, the issue of Bahrain, just like Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Yemen, is a major issue in the region and any positive or negative events in Bahrain will affect the entire region. It is our duty to act far beyond the result of our duty and the Bahraini people will continue on this path.”


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