TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi deplored US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Sunday remarks against the Islamic Republic as “repetitive and baseless claims” and said Washington’s partnership with Riyadh has only led to instability in the region.

“What the US secretary of state has said about the presence and role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in some regional countries are repetitive, absurd and baseless claims,” Qassemi said in a statement released on Monday.

Iran’s advisory presence in the two countries (Iraq and Syria) is at the request of their respective governments, in line with efforts to fight against terrorism in the region, the spokesman said, adding that the presence will continue as long as these governments need Iran in the anti-terror campaign.

What the US secretary of state describes as partnership with Saudi Arabia is a partnership aimed at destabilizing the region, waging wars, and strengthening arms races and extremism based on the adventurism of “inexperienced politicians” in Saudi Arabia, he stated.

During a joint press conference with his Saudi counterpart in Riyadh on Sunday, Pompeo called Iran “the greatest sponsor of terrorism in the world,” in a further signal the US intends to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal.

“We are determined to make sure it never possesses a nuclear weapon,” Pompeo said of Iran during his first visit to the Middle East since being sworn in as secretary of state last week.

“The Iran deal in its current form does not provide that assurance,” Pompeo continued at the briefing alongside Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir.

“We will continue to work with our European allies to fix that deal. But if a deal cannot be reached, the (US) president has said that he will leave that deal.”