TEHRAN, Apr. 30 (Press Shia) – Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei said Mon. that the US provokes Saudi Arabia into conflict with Iran because it seeks to shift the costs of confrontation with Tehran onto other countries.

Iran’s Leader made the remarks on Monday during a meeting with a number of workers from across the country ahead of the International Workers’ Day on May 1.

“Today, the war room against us is the US Department of Treasury,” he said. “One way of confrontation with the Islamic Republic establishment is an economic one; another way is the provocation of certain dim-witted and ignorant states in our region [against us].”

Ayatollah Khamenei went on to add, “the Americans provoke Saudis into creating conflict and tension in the region. Why don’t they go after the Zionists? Because they want to wage a war between Muslims.”

“Their plan is to arm and prepare these countries for confrontation with the Islamic Republic,” he said. “If these countries have any common sense, they will not engage in a conflict with Iran. But if they decide to confront Iran, they will face a decisive defeat.”

“The [Americans] seek to shift onto others the costs of confrontation with the Islamic Republic establishment and the powerful Iranian nation,” he said. “What Washington does best is cause insecurity. Everywhere they have set foot in, they caused insecurity and brought misfortune for the people.”

He went on to add, “that is why the US’ presence in West Asia needs to be cut off. It is them that need to leave not the Islamic Republic. We are from here; the Persian Gulf is our home; West Asia is our home.”

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