Press Shia Agency – An Iraqi scholar called for vigilance of the people of Iraq against the conspiracies of the arrogant powers adding, “United States and its allies in the region are seeking to dominate Iraq.”


Press Shia Agency – In a statement, Ayatollah Sayyid Kadhim Hoseyni al-Haeri, an Iraqi scholar based in the Iranian holy city of Qom, said, “Beware that the arrogant powers of the world, along with their allies in the region and some traitors inside Iraq, will be satisfied only when they destroy your culture and identity and plunder your wealth.”

“They want to take control of your country and enslave you, so it is not wise to ignore or simplify this fact,” he said.

Ayatollah al-Haeri added that the principles of the United States’ foreign policy are based on their own interests and requirements and their decisions regarding their allies in the region is based on this.

“We urge the Iraqi government to be vigilant in its security, military, and economic contracts, so that it doesn’t fall into the grip of the arrogant powers,” the renowned source of emulation said.

His Eminence addressed the Iraqi people, saying, “You are approaching a parliamentary election so it’s a good opportunity to support the future of the country, your life and your family.”

He called on the Iraqi people to vote in the elections as a national and human obligation, and recommended that they vote for the most well-known and suitable candidates. 

Ayatollah al-Haeri also warned the Iraqi government to “avoid opening the doors of the country for the enemies of Iraq to invade the country by building military bases and training or intervention by Americans in its internal and foreign decisions.”.

His Eminence also warned that Iraqi security observers have warned about American efforts to dominate Iraq.

It is worth mentioning that the United States is trying to restore Iraq to the Takfiri and Wahhabi Daesh Takfiri terrorist group, despite the lack of compelling reasons, to continue its military presence and to guide and manage the results of the May 12th parliamentary elections in line with its own interests and those of its regional allies and supporters. 


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