TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – A political analyst and Islamic scholar based in Leicester, the United Kingdom, denounced the Tel Aviv regime as “a genocidal entity” and said that it has acted like “a vampire on heat” by killing and injuring thousands of Palestinians.

“It can be said that the Zionist entity commits a plethora of crimes against the Palestinians, combatants or civilians, old or young,” Shabbir Hassanally said in an interview with the Press Shia Agency News Agency.

“They (Israelis) are a genocidal entity with a bloodlust like a vampire on heat, that refuses to listen to any sort of reason or sanity; and while on the surface might cry crocodile tears and attempt to sue for peace, claiming there are defending themselves only and are but peacemakers; in the same breath they will demolish the homes of Palestinians and build over their land!” he noted.

Following is the full text of the interview:

Press Shia Agency: For the past six Fridays, tens of thousands of Palestinians have gathered near the borders in the Gaza Strip for what has been dubbed the “Great March of Return”. Israel has responded with snipers firing live ammunition, as well as tank shelling and airstrikes. During this Friday’s protests, Israeli forces injured about 1,100 Palestinians. According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, at least 45 people have been killed and more than 7,000 wounded by Israel since the protests began in late March. What do you think about the Israeli regime’s crimes?

Hassanally: The situation that the Palestinians find themselves in is an extremely tragic one. The reality of the situation is such that the Palestinians have been abandoned by most of Muslim countries, with those professing to be the bastions of protecting Islamic holy places (i.e. so-called “Saudi” Arabia – or should I say Zionist Arabia as that is far more accurate!), being from those who have the audacity to make demands to the Palestinians that even the European Zionists occupying Palestine have not!

The tragedy is that the Arabs have sadly, for the most part, allowed their governments to become Zionist satellites, who do nothing without Washington, London, and Tel Aviv’s permission; and while they might come out with token statements of outrage when the Zionists commit a particularly horrible atrocity; they don’t really have the independence of thought and foreign policy to stand up to the Zionists in support of the oppressed people of Palestine.

The result of this tragic scenario; is that the Palestinians have not choice; the dream that the “Arab armies” are going to come and heroically rescue them are exactly that, dreams; and not realities – in fact, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to suggest that the so-called “Arab” armies would, in fact, come to massacre the Palestinians rather than help them – and this has been evidenced by the Egyptian Government and Army’s position regarding the Rafah border cross in the Gaza Strip.

So, the only option that the heroic, and resilient people of Palestine have is that of resistance, that of standing tall and showing their chests to the illegal occupying Zionist enemy; to stand tall and never allow themselves to crumble; to understand that while they may feel they are alone, they should know that God is with them, as are the prayers of Jesus(AJ), son of Mary(A) and indeed of Mother Mary herself – as well as all of the countless prophets and saints that have come to humanity; many of them in the blessed land of Palestine that is being raped today by the illegitimate offspring of Satan himself. If they trust in God, they will understand that there is no option for the Palestinians except victory against the illegitimate occupation; for in all the sacred texts, of Christianity, Islam and indeed Judaism also; the oppressed have a special place with God, and His favor and support is always with the oppressed.

As for the crimes of the Zionists, these are too numerous to enumerate here, however, suffice it to say that the Zionists even in times of what some people refer to as “calm” in Occupied Palestine are killing, arresting, raping, torturing, troubling Palestinians or anyone who doesn’t get with the Zionist project.  To circle back to the statements of MBS (Mohammad bin Salman) suggesting that the Palestinians need to “accept whatever peace treaty is placed before them or ‘Shut Up’”  – this is the same policy as adopted by the Zionists against the Palestinians since in-fact before 1948 and the formalization of the Zionist Entity.

Yet more evidence – if such was required – of the Zionist nature of the so-called Arab “protectors of the holy places” (more like corruptors of the holy places).

It can be said that the Zionist entity commits a plethora of crimes against the Palestinians, combatants or civilians, old or young. They are a genocidal entity with a bloodlust like a vampire on heat, that refuses to listen to any sort of reason or sanity; and while on the surface might cry crocodile tears and attempt to sue for peace, claiming there are defending themselves only and are but peacemakers; in the same breath they will demolish the homes of Palestinians and build over their land!

Finally, before moving to the next question; it needs to be said; that amongst the reasons why the Zionist entity shows not restraint; explicitly targeting people’s limbs in the recent attacks on the Great March of Return in Gaza – as one example – is simply because the world refuses to hold the Zionists to account.

Just imagine, had any other country; say Lalaland, for example, committed even a fraction of the crimes against humanity committed by the Zionists; do you think that country would be left without being decimated?  Wasn’t the case with Iraq like this?  During the time that Saddam was an ally to the Empire, he could bomb Iran and his own people with Chemical weapons (supplied by the Empire) with impunity and nothing but token condemnations at the United Nations.  However, the moment he fell out of favor with the Empire – well it was open season!  They even launched a full-scale war against Iraq, decimating its infrastructure on the basis of lies regarding weapons of mass destruction!

If the world really cares about humanity, about human rights, and as the liberals and so-called progressives in the west say about “democracy”; then perhaps they need to seriously look at holding the Zionists to account – not just for their crimes against Palestine; but for their crimes against Yemen – because while European Zionists are decimating Palestine, Arab Zionists are doing no-less to the honorable people of Yemen.

In both cases, the entire world, especially the Zionists and their allies, should be in no doubt; the oppressed shall inherit the Earth, and the Lord shall strike down the oppressors with a great vengeance and wrath; it is but a matter of time.

Press Shia Agency: Israel has rejected international calls for probes into recent deaths and insisted that its open-fire rules for Gaza will not change. Some Western states, particularly the US and Britain, who call themselves champions of human rights, have supported the Tel Aviv regime’s crimes against Palestinians. The UN has also failed to restore the rights of the people. What is your assessment? What role can Muslim countries play in protecting the rights of the oppressed people of Palestine?

Hassanally: When looking at the relationship between the Zionist Entity and Western entities such as the US and UK – one important factor must be understood.  The UK created the Zionist Entity, and the US nurtures and is heavily invested in the Zionist Entity.  Any notion that the US and UK – as parents of the Zionist Entity – will ever discipline their offspring is wishful thinking.

In any scenario; due to the lack of honor and true parental responsibility of the UK and US regarding their illegitimate child, the Zionist Entity; they will cover up the crimes of the Zionists; and indeed, even put themselves in precarious situations on the world stage, but they will never condemn or leave the Zionists.

Having said that, there are people and groups in the West who are appalled at the atrocities and flagrant violations of human rights and basic human decency carried out by the Zionist Stormtroopers in their attacks on the unarmed innocent and above all peaceful protesters in Gaza – and Occupied Palestine as a whole; and so, there is a popular revulsion at the Zionist’s position and terror tactics.

Sadly, the world we live in – specifically in the areas that are controlled by and loyal to the American Empire – human rights and decency don’t factor, and the politics of terror are the de facto methodology.  The myth of democracy and popular opinion has been decimated, and what little semblance of it was lost when millions came out against the Invasion of Iraq in 2002-3, and the opinion of the populous was totally ignored by the kleptocratic overlords.

Due to this, the only time the popular opinion will be paid any attention is when the power centers and pockets of the kleptocrats are affected, or when they feel that there is a genuine land swell against them.

For this reason, the sole option left to the Palestinians and the free people of the world in order to recover their rights is to keep resisting, keep standing tall, no matter the pain and loss; for as I’ve said before, the oppressed shall inherit the Earth; and that the oppressors should not think that God is negligent of their crimes; not at all; but that he gives them the opportunity to reform and remedy their behaviour; but instead they further their own destruction.  As we know, oppressors far worse than the those of today have been and gone, and nothing remains of them; so will be the case for those of today.

When looking at the role of the United Nations; it must be understood that the UN as an organization is by its very nature crippled.  It is at the mercy of its members, and more so the “donors” and the veto-holding members – US, UK, France, Russia, and China.

The United States – as a veto-wielding power – has always supported and backed and indeed vetoed any resolution that so much as dares to criticize the Zionists.

The General Assembly is a little better – but only marginally – since there is no veto within the UNGA, but at the same time, there are no teeth.  The UNGA resolutions are merely advisories and are non-binding on its members.  It is only the UNSC that has binding resolutions, that must be adhered to, and failing which, the UN can potentially take punitive measures.

Sadly, the UNSC has been used as a tool by the US, UK, and France to further their foreign policy agendas; and as a result, there has been scant if any criticism of the Zionist entity.  Another reason for the impotence of the UN is the fact that the member countries can be influenced by the Zionist lobbies in their own countries; and given the fragile and weak nature of some countries; they can easily have their arms twisted to comply with the US position; we have seen this as the case in several smaller countries in both Africa and South America.

To give a simple example; there are many UN resolutions historically that call on the Zionists to cease building illegal settlements on Palestine, but they simply flaunt them; they ignore them totally; and since there is no will on the part of the UNSC to compel the Zionists to comply; they will continue to flaunt and will make their atrocities bigger and bigger.

We even have the case of UNWRA being forced to close because the US has decided to cease funding.  The real question is why is it that the US is funding; where are the Muslim and Arab countries?  When organizations – such as the UN – are controlled so totally by one country – and are even located physically in the United States; then their impartiality and their resistance to the savage and despotic policies of its host are unlikely to have any teeth more so given that the host state is a veto-holding permanent member.

To put it very simple; until the UN becomes an independent organization, with real representation from all continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America and such – and until the veto power is removed; the UN will be a mere tool for furthering the agenda of the US.

We have also seen as of late with the early April bombing of Syria by the US, France and the UK; in the wake of a stalemate in the UNSC; where Russia opposed their aggressive resolution.  So, when they (the true Axis of Evil – UK, US, France, Israel and their minions) couldn’t make any headway within the UNSC; they went and made a multilateral action.  This means that the rule of law doesn’t apply to the true Axis of Evil; and that they operate on the principle of might is right.

We must also remember, that in the same manner that the Zionist entity is an illegal colonial settler entity; the so-called United States is no different.  The plight of the Native Americans at the hands of the European invaders that led to the creation of the so-called United States must never be forgotten.

History should be reflected on, Pharaoh acted in a similar manner we are taught in all the monotheistic faiths; he divided his people; he oppressed portions and left portions, and acted in a manner whereby he was not accountable to either God or man but was completely unaccountable.  The Pharaohs of today should reflect on what became of Pharaoh; for surely the fate of Pharaoh of yesteryear will be the fate of the Pharaohs of today.  In this, there is no doubt.

As for the Muslim countries of the world; well the situation there is also tragic.  The leaders of most of the Muslim countries are not representative of the people; for the most part of the countries of the Persian Gulf region; such as “Saudi” Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and such; are by design not representative of the people; they are Oil Fields and Shopping Malls or Sports Grounds with Flags; run by feudal families.

Families that are not even from those areas; and as a result, are occupiers.  For the most part, these feudal states give little or no rights to their subjects; and a key right they are denied is that of free speech and thought.  The bulk of these entities were manufactured by the British and given their “independence” at the end of the British Empire, but then pledged their undying loyalty to the American Empire; that has since kept them in power; while stealing their wealth and arming them to the hilt.

The influence of these Muslim countries on global affairs is minimal; and they will for the most part tow the line of their big brother; the “Saudi” entity, which we have already discussed in some depth above.

Aside from the Axis of Resistance – Iran, Lebanon/Hezbollah, Iraq, Syria (with Yemen/Ansarullah and other such groups making up the rear guard), the Muslim countries are stooges and puppets of either the “Saudi” Zionists or the European Zionists.  There are many reasons for their subservience to the oppressors; but to discuss that here would lengthen what has already become quite lengthy; so, I will not do that here, but perhaps in another paper later.

The Resistance Axis has been for at least 30 years – indeed longer – the only place that provides real and tangible support to the Palestinian cause.  This is amongst the plethora of accusations brought against this Resistance Axis and at its head the Islamic Republic of Iran; with the US, UK, France, the Zionists and so on crying crocodile tears that Iran is somehow supporting terrorism; when the reality is that Iran has supported resistance and the move to help the Palestinians obtain their natural rights; rights that are ironically enshrined in the charter of the United Nations – not least of which is the right of return – as outlined in UN Resolution 194 .

If the Muslim countries; such as those within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation; actually chose to apply pressure on the Zionists and their sponsors; the issue of Palestine would be resolved in its entirety; sadly; the OIC is another organization where the Zionists have lobbied and in a manner similar to that within the United Nations; the OIC lacks any teeth to implement any resolution or to recover the rights of the people.

Granted, one might suggest that dialogue and discussion are the best means to come to peace; that political solutions are better; and this is without a doubt true in an ideal scenario; however, with the Zionists who don’t recognize the humanity of the Palestinians; but demand the world recognize the “right” of the Zionist Entity to exist; who target pregnant Palestinian women, saying that kills “two birds with one stone”. Who target the journalists reporting on the ground in Palestine, those who bully children and infants, targeting children with their snipers, who have wiped out entire villages from Palestine (such as Deir Yasin )  and much more besides.

If the Muslim countries began to act like Muslims; and stood against the terror and oppression of the Zionists; then the situation of the Palestinians would change, and the detailed solution outlined by Imam Khamenei in October 2011  would easily be implemented.  The means are in place; the issue is the will of the Muslim countries.

Having said that, the people – the Muslim (and Christian) people of the world, the free people of the world, have seen through the Zionist entity and see that it means nothing but harm to humanity.  As a result of this, a movement, a grassroots movement is slowly taking shape, by means of boycott, by means of resistance and protest, by means of lobbying politicians and raising public awareness on the situation of the Palestinians; as the awareness in society increases; more and more people will be calling for the end of the Zionist occupation; and the end of the Zionist occupation and entity is without any doubt a certainty.  An entity built on such terror and blood, violence and aggression, such an entity has a very short shelf life.

The Muslims countries should remember this, and understand their duties both as Muslims, as well as humans to their fellow human, perchance they may attain salvation.

Press Shia Agency: Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman, has recently said that Israelis “have the right to have their own land” and that formal relations between Tel Aviv and Riyadh could be mutually beneficial. Given the fact that the Saudi regime once opposed Israel’s right to exist, what do the comments signal to the world’s public opinion? Do the remarks have an impact on the oppression against Palestinians?

Hassanally: The reality of the so-called “Saudi” family is that of Arab Zionists.  While historically they adopted a public position that was against the Zionist Entity; there has always been collusion and co-operation between the European and Arab Zionists; after all, they are siblings; children of the same illegitimate relationship between the aging British Empire and the infant American Empire.  An unholy product of an unholy alliance.

The people of Palestine – indeed many people of the world – were fooled by these Arab Zionists; but now as the “young prince” makes known the position of his forefathers; who makes known his alliance and desire for “normalization” with the European Zionists; who chides the Palestinians and insists that they capitulate or “shut-up”; who commits crimes akin to the Zionists in Yemen; and indeed within all of occupied Arabia, lets never forget the countless crimes in the Eastern Provinces, or in Bahrain and such.

The people of Palestine know that the plan of MBS is to surrender Jerusalem al-Quds to the Zionists, no doubt even being ready to spend his stolen Petro-dollars for the demolishing of Masjid al-Aqsa and the Dome of Rock so that the Zionists can build their Satanic Temple upon the ruins thereon.  They know that the “Arab Peace Plan” seeks to move the Palestinians from Gaza to an uninhabitable part of the Sinai Peninsula and to gift Jerusalem al-Quds to the Zionists and let the Palestinians have Abu Dis as their “capital”.  Such plans have been rejected by the Palestinians (rightly so), even by the corrupt PA leadership such as Mahmoud Abbas and the like.

The reality is and must be understood – and I will end on this – is that all the three Muslim Holy Sites and the key holy sites of the Christians in Palestine are occupied by Zionists – be they Arab Zionists pretending to be Muslims or European Zionists pretending to be either Jewish or Christian.  To hold out for Saudi Arabia to provide a “magic bullet” solution is wishful thinking as we say in Farsi “khosh khiyali” as well as to be extremely naive and gullible (sadelohi).

The solution is to stand firm and to keep saying “NO!” to the oppressors and their partners and allies, and to have a firm conviction that ultimately the Truth will prevail; for this is the promise given in the Torah, the Psalms of David, the Bible, and the Quran. And from God alone is all ability, and He has authority over all things.