TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – The commander of IRGC's Ansar-ul-Mahdi Corps, which is responsible for the protection of senior Iranian officials, said the force has cutting-edge security plans for guarding officials and vital places of the country against any threats.

Speaking at a ceremony held in Tehran on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the Ansar-ul-Mahdi Corps, Colonel Seyed Mohammad Reza Seyedi said that since the victory of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, the assassination of “revolutionary figures” has been one of the threats facing the country.

“Over the years since the establishment of the Ansar-ul-Mahdi Corps, we have accomplished our missions more powerfully and better than before,” he said.

The commander added that the force has up-to-date security plans to protect important figures and vital and sensitive places of the country.

Despite being in a volatile region, Iran enjoys good security within its borders thanks to the competence and proficiency of its intelligence and security forces.

The forces have foiled several malicious attempts by terrorist elements against the country in the past few years.

Back in June 2017, Iranian Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alawi announced that intelligence forces had managed to smash 120 terrorist groups across Iran in the first term of President Hassan Rouhani in office.