TEHRAN, May 06 (Press Shia) – Iranian president has stressed once again that Iran will never negotiate over its “defensive weapons” with anyone, declaring that it is none of anyone’s business to decide for Iran’s defensive power.

Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in Sabzevar in northeastern Razavi Khorasan Province on Sunday.

Rouhani said that his government entered serious negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program in 2013 to show the world that Iranians are “a peaceful nation” and prove that sanctioning Iran for its nuclear activities was wrong, calling the Iranian diplomats soldiers who defended their homeland.

He said that at the start of his first term sanctions on Iran’s petrochemical, auto industry and precious stones were gradually lifted at the end of 2013, through the efforts of Iranian diplomats.

Rouhani pointed out that after signing the JCPOA in 2015, Iran’s oil sales doubled, banking transactions were resumed though not fully, and Iran gradually rejoined to the world economy as the trade with the world returned to normal.

The Iranian president criticized the US president Donald Trump for his claims that Iran fooled the United States when it signed the “the worst deal ever” with it, calling Trump’s words “nonsense and illogical.”

 “That guy’s words are nonsense…we did not fool anyone…we reached an agreement that has been endorsed by the United Nations,” Rouhani said.

He went on to praise his administration’ performance during the four and half years saying that the world is praising Iran for its action [in reaching an agreement with the world on its nuclear program.]

The Iranian president stressed that his government’s achievements were obtained with the support of the Iran’s Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Iranian people as well as Iran’s armed forces.

The president said “today, Americans may have some plans to deal with the JCPOA,” adding “they may either pull out of it or hurt it, or they may go a completely different way from that of Europe and the rest of the world.”

He emphasized that if US withdraws from the pact, it will regret it.

The Iranian president went on to stress that the United States cannot succeed against the Iranian nations as it has shown during the past 40 years.

Rouhani said that he has ordered different executive bodies to be ready for taking necessary measure [if US leaves the deal], adding that he had met with the official of Iran’s atomic agency few days ago to order them be ready for the future.

He touched upon the economic section’s readiness to tackle the US plots in the currency market saying “the economic sector has received the necessary orders.”

He went on to assure that the businessmen and manufactures that the government has stored enough foreign currencies to meet their demands.

The Iranian president predicted that Iran’s oil and non-oil income this year will exceed $ 100 billion, while the whole spending will not be more than $ 70 billion, so the government would not have any problem in terms of foreign currency.

Later in his remarks, Rouhani touched upon the issue of unity among all political factions in Iran, telling Trump that not to rely on division in Iran’s political structure.

President Rouhani stated “I would like to clearly say to the whole world, Europe, the United States, the West, the East that Iran will negotiate over its defensive weapons. We will build any weapons and missile we need and store them. we will not negotiate over our defensive power with anyone.”

He went on to reiterate that Iran will abide by its commitments and seeks engagement with the world.

“We are negotiating with Turkey and Russia about Syria. We are negotiating with different countries on Yemen, but I would like to say to the world that we will fight terrorism in every part of the region.”

“We do not allow you to create another ISIL in this area to fight the nations of the region, we want peace and stability in the region. We never want war and conflicts. Meanwhile, we strongly defend our interests and we will stand up against any conspiracy.”