TEHRAN, May 09 (Press Shia Agency) – Commander-in-Chief of Iran’s Army Maj. Gen. Mousavi voiced satisfaction that Trump has withdrawn from the nuclear deal, saying such acts of violation are in the nature of the hegemonic order.

Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army, said Wed. that the greatest damage of the JCPOA was to ‘legitimize’ and ‘sit down at the negotiating table’ with the US; a damage that was shared by other countries which have ever decided to negotiate with Washington.

He went on to add, “yet the greatest benefit of the JCPOA was to prove the US lack of commitment under the agreement; any fool can sometimes do something wise, and we are thankful of Trump for [pulling out of the nuclear deal.]”

He also voiced hope that the US display of non-compliance with its international commitments would teach Saudis, who are doing everything to gain the Americans’ approval, a lesson.

“If we stand firm on our principled positions, we will be the ultimate victors on the ground,” he concluded.