Press Shia – In a message, Ayatollah Afif al-Nablusi congratulated Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah for Hezbollah’s victory in the Lebanese parliamentary election saying the victory “completes the past victories.”

Press Shia – In a message issued this morning, Ayatollah Afif al-Nablusi congratulated Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Hasan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance movement, Hezbollah, for their victory in the Lebanese parliamentary election.


Referring to the “powerful” victory of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement in the parliamentary elections, he said, “This day is a blessed day. On this day, the people of Lebanon fulfilled their promises and did not leave you alone, because you have brought them dignity.”


Ayatollah al-Nablusi described this victory as an achievement that “completes past victories,” adding, “We will be loyal to the Islamic Resistance Axis.”


Hezbollah, as well as groups and individuals affiliated to it, have won at least 67 seats in Lebanon’s 128-member parliament, according to the results cited by politicians and campaigns and reported in the Lebanese media on Monday.


Hezbollah’s allies include the Amal Movement led by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and the Christian Free Patriotic Movement founded by President Michel Aoun.


Lebanon’s first parliamentary elections in nine years was held on Sunday, with over 500 candidates vying for seats. Turnout was 49.2 percent, according to officials.


Lebanon’s parliamentary elections have been delayed three times since 2009 due to the crisis in neighboring Syria, as well as disagreements over the new electoral law.


Press Shia News Agency