TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned Israel’s recent attack on Syria as a blatant example of the regime’s hegemonic nature and said the Arab country has the right to “legitimate defense”.

The multiple attacks on Syria by the occupiers of Quds (the Israeli regime) and the recent violation of the country’s national sovereignty was a complete act of aggression and a clear example of the hegemonic nature of the regime, which cannot tolerate stability, security, and peace in the region, Qassemi said in a statement early on Friday.

“The Zionist regime’s repeated attacks… under fabricated and unfounded pretexts are a blatant violation of Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity and goes against all international norms and regulations,” he added.

He further warned that the silence of the world’s countries and international bodies on the Israeli regime’s attacks gives it the green light to continue such acts of aggression.

“The resistant nation and government of Syria have a right to legitimate defense against the aggressors,” he noted.

The remarks came after Israel attacked dozens of targets inside Syria in what the Tel Aviv regime claimed was its most extensive strike against the Arab country in decades.

Israeli officials said the assault early on Thursday was a response to a barrage of 20 rockets that were fired from Syria at Israeli military outposts in the occupied Golan Heights hours earlier. It also blamed the rocket fire on Iran.

The regime's attacks against Syrian military positions have become more frequent over the past months, amid Assad forces' major victories over terrorist groups across the country.