TEHRAN, May 13 (Press Shia Agency) – Commander-in-Chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) says that the nuclear deal has paved the way for institutionalizing the sanctions against Iran’s economy.

“Long negotiations led to the signing of the JCPOA, but instead of putting an end to the sanctions, it has resulted in institutionalizing them,” Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari said in national agriculture festival held by Basij on Sunday.

Jafari said that the United States once again showed that it is not trustworthy, adding that the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal was aimed at breaking Iran’s resistance.

Jafari went on to say that since the Islamic Revolution victory, the enemies started an economic war against Iran, followed by a cultural war, adding that they have resorted to economic sanctions once more during the past decade.

The IRGC commander went on to warn that the United States shows no merci to others and always seeks its own interests.

He criticized the government for not relying on domestic resources to tackle problems, saying “unfortunately, instead of concentrating our resources on agriculture, farming and constructing the country, the government has focused its efforts on industrialization.”

He said that more attention needs to be paid to agriculture and farming.