TEHRAN, May 13 (Press Shia Agency) – Mohamed ElBaradei, the former IAEA head, has described the US withdrawal from JCPOA as a sad day for collective security, calling on the Arab countries to help solve the crisis.

Mohamed ElBaradei has called on Arab states to play a more active role and help solve the crisis caused by the US withdrawal from the JCPOA, saying “the whole world is troubled by ramifications of Trump’s decision and increasing possibility of a war in our region.”

Elsewhere, ElBaradei expresses his regret over Donald Trump’s decision, saying “it is a sad day for nuclear arms control and collective security; peace and stability in the Middle East; multilateralism and diplomacy and respect for International agreements and international law. “[I] hope common sense will prevail,” he added.

Later in another tweet, he warned that the US pullout from the Iran deal will unravel the post WWII security system.