TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s mission to the United Nations condemned the American UN ambassador’s blatant support for the Israeli crimes in Gaza, saying she has rehashed baseless accusations against Iran to draw attention away from international calls for an end to the massacre of Palestinians.

In a statement in response to the US ambassador’s recent anti-Iran comments, the Iranian mission decried Nikki Haley’s repetition of “baseless and worn-out” allegations against Tehran as an attempt to distract attention from the international appeal for an immediate end to the brutal massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.

“The US and the Israeli regime have jointly celebrated a brazen violation of the international law, including the human rights and many UN resolutions,” the statement added.

It also said that the US ambassador’s move to turn a blind eye to the Israeli crimes in her speech once again revealed that “the US has been the major partner in the Israeli regime’s crimes against people of Palestine over the past 70 years, including the current bloodshed in Gaza.”

At an emergency session of the UNSC on Tuesday, Haley denied the violence in Gaza had anything to do with the opening of the US new embassy in Jerusalem (al-Quds).

She also attempted to move attention to Iran throughout her remarks, criticizing the Security Council for not focusing more on what she called Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region.

But Nikolai Mladenov, the UN’s Middle East envoy, said there was “no justification for the killing” and “no excuse.”

The Israeli forces have killed at least 60 Palestinians near the Gaza border during demonstrations against the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem in recent days.