TEHRAN, May 16 (Press Shia Agency) – Leader of Nigerian Muslims Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky’s son says he has not heard from his parents yet.

Sheikh zakzaky’s son Mohammad Zakzaky says  said, “I want to inform all those who may be concerned, that I have still not heard from my parents. It is 10:56 right now. Whatever mambo jambo is going on. I remain in the dark.
As this planned and premeditated crime unfolds, I want every one to remember that it was all committed against the unarmed. The unarmed by choice. My father’s only crime was that he turned the other cheek.

He is being persecuted by That den of snakes and scorpions, the cabal of traitors, murderers and cut throats. The Association of Practicing Cannibals, also known as the APC. Have added a new chapter to the saga of impunity, aka irresponsible exercise of power. And so I have nothing left to say to them except that: You have done your deed. You have shown your colors.

So Please give me what is left of my brothers, Hammad, Ali and Humaid, Please give me what is left of my father, please give me my mother, please give all of us whom you have betrayed, whatever is left of our flesh and blood. And Just leave us alone.

Take your boko haram transformation program elsewhere, just give us our flesh and blood.

Enough with the injustice. We have endured your oppression long enough, take your contract elsewhere.

But so long as you continue in your cannibalistic ways, we will continue in our peaceful ways.”