Press Shia – A Lebanese Sunni scholar criticised the Arab League and Arab rulers for betraying the Palestinian cause and noted that House of Saud had allied with Trump to transfer of the US embassy in the Zionist entity to Jerusalem al-Quds.

Press Shia – In an exclusive interview with the international correspondent of Press Shia News Agency, Shaykh Jamal Muhammad, the Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Mission, referred to the crimes of the Zionist regime in the Gaza Strop and the martyrdom of dozens of oppressed Palestinians in the March of Return, saying, “This day is a historic day for the people of Palestine and it isn’t unusual for the pioneering and contributing people of this nation to offer such a large number martyrs and wounded people for their sanctities and for the first qiblah of the Muslims. Their blood flowed in order to awaken some Arab nations and rulers from their sleep of neglect. The people of Palestine will come forward with their offering of martyrs to liberate Palestine.”


The Lebanese Sunni scholar also pointed to the silence of the Arab rulers, adding that the shameful silence of the Arab rulers is not a new issue. This silence also humiliated those in their graves and said, “From the House of Saud, the House of Khalifah and other kings and Arab rulers, who by remaining silent in the face of these crimes, impaired the Palestinian cause a long time ago through their secretive normalization of relations with the Zionist regime because they are the servants of the Zionists of the Islamic ummah. The history of this disgrace has been recorded and their nations and the future nations will be cursed.”


He also explained the consequences of the transfer of the American embassy in the illegal Zionist entity to Jerusalem al-Quds on the Nakbah Day [Catastrophe], saying, “Choosing the Nakbah Day for the decision to implement the decision to transfer the embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds is an insult to Muslims and the freedom-seeking people of the world but it is also another catastrophe against the rights of the Palestinians, who have fought for their country and their holy places against the Israeli enemies for more than seventy years. Although this incident is a new tragedy and catastrophe for us, the blood that is shed on earth today will open a new chapter in the struggle against the enemies and shake the region and the world of the East and the West.”


Shaykh Muhammad said, “Today, by striving and sacrificing, the Islamic Resistance Axis was able to achieve great victories and successes today from dear Iran and the peaceful countries of Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Syria. We have hope in the Islamic Resistance Axis and invite everyone to join this front. We must not be miserly in giving our own lives and property for the liberation of Palestine, Jerusalem al-Quds and al-Aqsa Mosque. We will give everything we have for Jerusalem al-Quds because the Islamic sanctities are worthy of devotion.”


In another part of his speech, His Eminence outlined the goals of some Arab countries to hold a meeting of the Arab League and said, “For many year until today, the Islamic ummah has not seen any positive action from this Zionist and non-Arab League. The decisions of the Arab countries have always lagged behind the desires, wishes and demands of the Arab people and it is not surprising that, the Arab League condemned the Palestinian cause as a result of pressure, just as in the past, it called the Hamas movement a called a terrorist movement as a result of pressure.”


He said, “I heard a few days ago that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were pressing for Ismail Haniyah [the Chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau] and the Palestinian police to end the March of Return but because of the will of the people, they couldn’t do anything. The Arab League has taken pride in the Islamic ummah and has always neglected the demands of the people.”


In conclusion, Shaykh Muhammad referred to the issue of chanting slogans against the House of Saud and ibn Salman in Jerusalem al-Quds during the opening ceremony of the American embassy, saying, “If the blood that has been shed in Palestine over the past several weeks and days doesn’t awaken the Arab nation from its sleep of ignorance and neglect, you must read Surah al-Fatihah for Islam. The Arab people must rise up against their rulers. If it wasn’t for the treachery of the House of Saud and its allies, today, Trump and Netanyahu wouldn’t dare to open the embassy in Jerusalem al-Quds before the eyes of all the people and freedom-seekers of the world.”


Press Shia News Agency