TEHRAN, May 19 (Press Shia) – Iran’s president has said that the Israeli occupation is the biggest threat against the Islamic world, adding the new US administration is also the biggest threat for the world order, peace, and stability.

Hassan Rouhani made the remarks at the extraordinary summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul on Friday.

At the start of his address to the OIC meeting, the Iranian president said “holding Extraordinary Summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation immediately after the Extraordinary Meeting of the Palestine Committee of the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC) in Tehran on May 14th this year contains the important message that the Islamic Ummah, like a single hand, is standing strongly against the greatest threat to the World of Islam, which is the occupation of the Palestinian land by the Zionists.”

Rouhani then expressed hope “this (OIC) meeting, with cooperation and capability of Islamic countries, will lead to the adoption of practical solutions to end this dangerous crisis and to immediately assist the oppressed Palestinian people, especially the oppressed residents of Gaza.”

He underscored that criminal Zionists have challenged the global community before the tearful eyes of the world by trampling human dignity and belittling all values, adding “if the Zionist Regime is surrounded by developed, democrat countries, facing with a united Ummah, it will never be able to continue its crimes in such a relief.”

The Iranian president said that today, we are mourning the last act of the 70-year-old genocide against the innocent in Palestine. The criminal Zionists have challenged the global community before the tearful eyes of the world by trampling human dignity and belittling all values. While hundreds of thousands of innocent people are deprived of the most basic human rights, the Zionist regime is falsely introducing its own apartheid and ethnocentric system as democracy, calling its religious extremism secularism; what is more unfortunate is that some Western countries are justifying the invasions of the occupiers.

Rouhani then lashed at the US move in relocating of his embassy to al-Quds, saying, “in these conditions, the government of the United States moved its embassy to Bayt al-Maqdis. This arbitrary action which is contrary to international regulations gave the Zionist regime the go-ahead to commit another brutal killing. The White House has shown that it does not hesitate to destroy foundations and rules of international order, and goes to war against the right with forced. Just days before the US embassy was transferred to Bayt al-Maqdis, the President of the United States delivered another blow to international security and credibility of the international community and withdrew from a multilateral nuclear agreement that had been approved by the UN Security Council. The move, in pursuit of a unilateral withdrawal from some of the other important international agreements, has shown that the new US government is a dangerous threat to the global legal system and world peace and security.”

“But on the other hand, the popular resistance in Black Monday showed that the new and young Palestinian generation is aware of its rights; that it does not intend to stop it or make a trade it in; that it is possible to reveal the violent face of the usurper and show the moments of perseverance of believers at the early Islam to the world. Palestine has shown that it deserves peace and full respect for its legitimate rights,” Iran’s president continued.

At the end, Rouhani proposed six initiatives and practical suggestions, calling on all Muslims and Islamic states to exercise unity in action and cooperation to build a stronger, more stable region away from futile disputes of attrition.

Rouhani first called for a UN General Assembly meeting to discuss the US illegal action in relocating its embassy to Quds and the latest Israeli regime crimes….

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