TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Iran’s envoy to the United Nations hammered the Israeli regime for keeping to disobey the international law and infringe upon the Palestinian rights, and reaffirmed Iran’s commitment to backing people of Palestine and their causes.

Addressing a United Nations General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, Iran’s Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative to UN Gholam Hossein Dehqani took a swipe at the Tel Aviv regime for rebuffing “demands by the international community to abide by the international law.”

The envoy also deplored the impunity with which Israel continues to commit crimes against Palestinians, saying, “The systematic violation of the rights of the Palestinian people, including demolition of homes, forced displacement of Palestinian civilians, arrest and detention of Palestinians, including children, and incessant violence, terror and provocations by Israeli settlers and extremists, including at sensitive religious sites, particularly al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem al-Quds , have persisted unabated.”

Dehqani then slammed the blockade of Gaza Strip by Israel as a source of escalating deprivation and hopelessness among Palestinians.

He finally assured the Palestinian nation of Iran’s continued support in helping them achieve the goal of “a free and prosperous Palestine."