TEHRAN, Dec. 01 (Press Shia Agency) – At a forum held in Ankara, participants underlined the role of interactions and exchanges between Iran and Turkey in stabilizing the region and resolving regional crises.

A forum titled ‘Iran and Turkey in a changing Middle East’ was held at the Center for Middle Eastern Strategic Studies (ORSAM) in Turkish capital city of Ankara on Wednesday with Seyed Kazem Sajjadpour, the Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Education and Research, and Meliha Altin Isik, the Deputy Chancellor of Ankara’s Middle East Technical University as the panel members.

Moderated by the Head of the ORSAM, Şaban Kardaş, who is a prominent academician from TOBB University of Economics and Technology, the event was also attended by Mohammad Ebrahim Taherianfard, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Ankara, Yaşar Yakış, the first Foreign Minister of Turkey under the Justice and Development Party (AKP), and Dr Hisham Ali Akbar Ibrahim Al-Alawi, the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Ankara.  

The permanent and temporary elements of influence in the Middle East, the importance of Iran and Turkey in stabilizing the region, the political advantages and the flaws of the two countries, and the multilateral nature of relations between Iran and Turkey were discussed by the panel members and the attendants.

Also the experts and participants at the event highlighted the role of Iran-Turkey bilateral cooperation in regional equations and reciprocal supports as a key to foil foreign plots and imposition of some movements by cross-regional powers. The participants underlined that Iran and Turkey, despite all their differences, can be good role models for regional cooperation.  

Stress on think tank interactions in cataclysmic conditions and interaction and exchange of ideas between research and studies centers of the two countries were the other areas of talks in the forum.