TEHRAN, May 23 (Press Shia Agency) – Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei said Wed. that the fate of the current president of the United States will not be any better than his predecessors, naming Bush, neocons and Reagan as examples.

The Iranian Leader made the remark while receiving the heads of government branches, officials, government authorities, a group of senior managers as well as political, social and cultural activists on the 7th day of the auspicious month of Ramadan.

He went on to add, “since the onset of the Revolution until now, the US has tried every trick and hostility to strike a blow against the Islamic Republic; its aim was to ‘overthrow’ [the Islamic Establishment] and this term is nothing new to us.”

“All of US plots have failed; the Islamic Republic is moving forward, stronger than ever. We have no doubt that the enemy will be defeated,” he stressed.

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