TEHRAN, May 28 (Press Shia Agency) – In a meeting with university students and representatives of students’ unions, Ayatollah Khamenei said that students need to continue fulfilling the objectives of the Islamic Revolution.

“Within the revolutionary forces, after the Islamic Revolution, there was a false assumption that the ‘revolution’ would last up until the formation of the Establishment, and after that goal was achieved, the revolution was finished,”  said the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Monday evening in a meeting with a number of university students and representatives of students’ unions at Imam Khomeini Husseinieh in Tehran.

Ayatollah Khamenei added that every revolution has five stages: The first stage of every revolution is the victory. The second stage is the realization of values and ideals through the revolutionary government and the next, the realization of values in the revolutionary society; and finally, the last stage is the formation of Islamic or revolutionary civilization.

The leader of the Islamic Republic added that these ideals will not be realized in the short term and the revolution should persist until the ideals are realized. 

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