Press Shia – Shaykh Adil Turki criticized Arab rulers for normalizing relations with Israel, saying that the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem al-Quds was another ‘nakbah’ (catastrophe) in the history of Palestine.

Press Shia – In an exclusive interview with Press Shia News Agency, Shaykh Adil Turki, the head of the Association of Unity and Social Cooperation, condemned the transfer of the American embassy in the Zionist entity from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem al-Quds, said, “If there were no factionalism, dissension and betrayal among some mercenaries in the Arab countries and among some Arab rulers and kings and if they didn’t engage in good service to Israel and the United States, then Donald Trump never could have taken such an action. In the shadow of the green light by these countries, the United States embassy was moved to Jerusalem al-Quds.” 

The Lebanese Sunni scholar added, “This is a shameful blow to the Arab kings who are silent in the face of the brutal killing of the oppressed and innocent Palestinian people and the genocide in the Gaza Strip. The blood of the martyrs which has been shed on the path to liberate Palestine will curse the Arab rulers until the Day of Resurrection. These self-sacrificing people will soon overturn your seats of power.” 

Referring to the Arab summit on the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, Shaykh Turki noted, “Everyone knows that the Arab League has become a ‘Hebrew League,’ and if it hasn’t, then now decisions must be taken to alleviate the suffering of the Islamic ummah. However, they are taking steps towards elevating the name of Israel and serving the plans of the Zionist regime.”

The member of the Association of Muslim Scholars of Lebanon said, “The Arab League, in fact, is governed by countries where the arrogant powers of the world have influence over these countries. Therefore, we say to the free, faithful and oppressed Muslim people that they must not have hope in the allies of the arrogant powers and the ‘Hebrew League’ which is administered by these countries. The transfer of the embassy of the United States is another ‘yawm al-nakbah’ [Day of Catastrophe] in the history of Palestine but it due to divine grace, we will regain our rights in our own way.”

In conclusion, he stated, “The green light of the Arab traitors and mercenaries was the reason for the transfer of the embassy of the United States to Jerusalem al-Quds. We say to the allies of the arrogant powers of the world to make whatever decision you want but one day, the people of the region will cleanse the occupied Palestinian lands from the filth of the Zionists and will liberate the noble city of Jerusalem al-Quds through their faith in the Islamic Resistance, which is an unbreakable divine promise.”

On May 14th, the United States officially announced the opening of its new embassy to Israel in Jerusalem al-Quds amid a deadly Israeli crackdown on peaceful protests by Palestinians in the occupied territories.