TEHRAN, Jun. 09 (Press Shia) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Tehran and Moscow should establish a more “serious dialogue” on the future of the JCPOA in the face of US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement.

The Iranian president said this during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the two-day Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in the Chinese port city of Qingdao on Saturday.

According to Rouhani, Russia played a constructive and important role in the implementation of the nuclear agreement.

“Given the US illegal withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, more serious and more important dialogue between our two countries is required,” RIA Novosti quoted Rouhani as saying.

Iran hopes for continued efforts by Russia to implement the JCPOA, Rouhani added.

President Rouhani considered the results of interaction with Russia on ensuring security in the region to be very tangible, saying “as for our cooperation in maintaining security and stability in the region, every day (the results) are felt stronger.”

He also maintained that “Iran-Russia cooperation on the battlefield in the fight against terrorism and various radical groups have proved to be quite successful.”

Rouhani further thanked Putin for supporting Iran’s accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

“I must express my gratitude for your position on the accession of Iran as a full member to this organization,” Rouhani said during the meeting.

In his opinion, the SCO is a very influential structure for ensuring security.

Speaking about bilateral relations with Russia, Rouhani stressed that they are developing every day. At the same time, he added, ties between the two countries are “unique and special,” since they cover all areas and all issues.

In early May, US President Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement and announced the reinstatement of all sanctions, including secondary ones (in relation to other countries that do business with Iran), whose effect was suspended under the deal.

All remaining parties to the JCPOA are in favor of complying with the agreement in the absence of US commitment.