TEHRAN, Dec. 04 (Press Shia Agency) – A nuclear negotiator has joined the bandwagon of officials in calling the US Congress extension of ISA as violation of at least the ‘spirit’ of the JCPOA.

Majid Takht Ravanchi was an active member of Iran’s negotiating team during nuclear talks with world powers, known as P5+1. Ravanchi who was talking in the Parliament open session of Sunday to National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, believed that a violation of the JCPOA had happened. He is the second nuclear negotiator after Hamid Baidinejad to criticize the ISA extension as violation of the deal.

The meeting was addressing election to presidency of Donald Trump in the US and its implications for Iran’s foreign policy. “US elections was as unpredictable and unexpected as no past election was; a candidate with no political career was in the competition and this created different possibilities and his campaign promises dragged the people to his starkly deviating character; Trump showed that a different foreign policy is on air for the White House,” he told the meeting.

“His view of the JCPOA was different and hostile, promising to renegotiate it, dismantling the one hit by Obama’s foreign policy; JCPOA is an area where Iran touches directly the US and its politics; Trump has two choices, and he should choose from the two evils of abandoning the JCPOA, and if he does, all costs should be paid by Americans and they will be on the defensive, and will be recognized by the international community the party to violate an internationally ordained deal; the second choice is to save JCPOA but to remain still harsh with Iran to implicate the country in the failure of the deal,” Takht Ravanchi emphasized.

He echoed Naser Nowbari’s ideas who in an interview to Mehr News Political Service, believed that Iran would convert Trump threat to opportunities, when Takht Ravanchi exactly made the same points as Nowbari, Iran’s former ambassador to Soviet Socialist Republic’s Moscow, on Trump’s possible friendly and agreeable policies in the Middle East, notably his resolve to fight and destroy ISIL; “Iran will not be an easy pray and Trump will face an unpalatable and hard-shelled issue to handle, a country which would fight to the last point in securing its ground,” he concluded.