TEHRAN, Jun. 11 (Press Shia) – Iran’s FM Zarif said Sun. that a part of the 18th summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) was devoted to voicing unanimous support of member states for the implementation of the Iran nuclear deal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told Press Shia Agency on Sunday night that the SCO summit highlighted the implementation of commitments of Russia, China and the European sides to the nuclear deal, and called for providing the necessary conditions that would allow Iran to enjoy the economic benefits of the JCPOA.

“During the trip, President Rouhani voiced Iran’s positions and the JCPOA was fully supported as an international agreement,” Zarif said.

“The president also had a chance to hold long and extensive talks with Russian and Chinese presidents on the JCPOA, the ways to support it, and the responsibilities that each side have [to preserve it],” added the Iranian foreign minister.

Zarif maintained that President Rouhani also conferred with the Russian and Chinese sides to the deal on the necessary coordination that needed to be made with the European sides to receive reassurances that Iran’s economic interests would continue to be met despite US withdrawal from the agreement.

“The Russian and Chinese presidents both stressed that they felt the Europeans have a similar sense of commitment [to the preservation of the nuclear deal],” Zarif added.

At the SCO summit in China on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia stands for a consistent, strict implementation of the Iran nuclear deal, adding that US pullout may destabilize the situation.

At the same event, Chinese president Xi Jinping highlighted China’s readiness to cooperate with other countries to save JCPOA.