TEHRAN, Dec. 5 (Press Shia Agency) – Chinese deputy-Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli has ensured Iran’s Javad Zarif of his fellow country’s support for JCPOA.

Mr. Javad Zarif is in Beijing tour to meet officials of China. On Monday he met with Vice Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. The position is highly important in political hierarchy of the Communist Party.

Gaoli believed that JCPOA is the outcome of years of negotiations and should be respected; “we strongly support JCPOA and ensure that China will remain a reliable partner for Iran; China has worked to play a positive role in matters related to Iran since the country hit by an Imposed War,” he told Zarif.

“During sanctions, Chinese banking system provide services to Iranian clients and was open to Iranian enterprises, which brought to them punitive measures. This indicates that China respects partnership with Iran.”

Javad Zarif for his part paid tribute to the Chinese official and hailed the meeting as an opportunity to expand bilateral ties; “we appreciate Chinese position on JCPOA and the role it played during sanctions era; China-Iran relations now nears a culmination where they are called strategic,” he said.

Before meeting Gaoli, Zarif has on agenda a press conference just after arriving in Beijing, where he said that Tehran was resolved to save China as a strategic trade partner, just as the country stood by Iran in hard times when sanctions was biting Iran’s economy. Zarif’s entourage include high-tech companies’ CEOs and governors of 8 banks in the tour of China.

Zarif will address a meeting of students in Beijing University and will participate to Investment Opportunities in Iran with tycoons of both sides. Japan will be Zarif’s next destination where he will arrive on Tuesday. This is Zarif’s second visit to China since nuclear deal was hammered out in June 14 2015.