Press Shia Agency – Shaykh Suhayb Habli stressed that the involvement of Saudi Arabia is to prevent the overthrow of the Al Khalifah.

Press Shia – In an interview, Shaykh Suhayb Habli, a Lebanese Sunni cleric, spoke about the Bahraini people’s revolution against the Al Khalifah dictatorship and said that in this revolution, which began five years ago, the people of Bahrain have made many achievements and haven’t surrendered in the face of the regime’s oppression and killing of people and stressed that this revolution will continue.


The member of the Assembly of Muslim Scholars added that over the years the various segments of the Bahraini people have provided the people of the world lessons on how to achieve liberation in a peaceful manner without resorting destruction or hooliganism. “Because the Al Khalifah regime fears the results of a referendum, they prevent one from being held,” he added.


Shaykh Habli emphasized the necessity of the Bahraini regime to return to the negotiating table and added that the Al Khalifah must put an end to their policies of extermination and murder and restore the rights to the people which they have denied. “The people’s participation in the 2014 elections was very weak and showed that the Bahraini people are taking steps toward victory,” he said.


His Eminence strongly denounced the assaults and detention of Shi’ah scholars by the Al Khalifah regime and added that the “foolish” actions carried out by the Al Khalifah monarchy demonstrate that they are facing a major crisis.


“In this regard, the actions of Al Khalifah emphasizes that the regime’s dominance over society has ended and they have no choice but to suppress and impose oppressive sentences in order to destroy the Bahraini people’s nonviolent movement,” he said.


Shaykh Habli emphasized the role of Saudi Arabia in Bahrain and said, “For more than ten years, Saudi Arabia has continued their negative role in Bahrain and if the Saudi intervention and if the Peninsula Shield Force was not present, the Al Khalifah regime wouldn’t be able to resist the Bahraini people’s revolution.”

The Lebanese Sunni cleric said the government of Bahrain is ruled from Saudi Arabia and on the basis of commands from the Al Saud and on the same basis in 2011 and when they felt that the Al Khalifah regime was in danger, they sent their military forces to Bahrain in the name of national security to murder, repress and torture Bahraini citizens, who are rising up to claim their rights in a peaceful manner.