Press Shia – Ayatollah Arafi said, “Through the FATF, actions are arranged in such a way that, with the false interpretation of terrorism, they can cut off the arteries of the Yemeni, Syrian, Bahraini, Syrian, Iraqi resistance and Hezbollah.”

Press Shia Agency – In his Friday prayer sermon to a large and fervent crowd of believers at Qom’s Qods Prayer Hall, Ayatollah Alireza Arafi referred to the 8th of Shawwal, the anniversary of the demolition of the mausoleums of Jannat al-Baqi’ cemetery in Madinah, “This day is a reminder of the  bitter memory of the events carried out by Takfiri-Wahhabi terrorists. The desecration of Islamic and Shi’ah sanctities by the Al Saud was a scandalous act and their destruction is considered as a historical legacy and a violation of human rights. Unfortunately, the claimants of human rights did not defend this right of the Islamic community and the followers of the Ahlul-Bayt. We hope that the series of acts of oppression by the Al Saud will be defeated and the Islamic ummah will be liberated from them.”


In reference to the drafting of some agreements, such as the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering (FATF), in the Iranian parliament, the head of the Islamic Seminaries of Iran said, “Some international contracts are needed but in the last 100 years we have witnessed many large mistakes and deviancies in the agreements and conventions. Disregard for the intellectual foundations of other people and thinkers in the world and the intellectual monopoly in the Western world are cited in the conventions.”


He added that in many conventions, the Islamic society and its values have not been considered, while the right of mankind is to take its beliefs into consideration. The right of homosexuality is recognized as the most heinous inhuman movement in the Western conventions. Westerners have no right to place illogical anti-Islamic values  in the conventions.


Ayatollah Arafi has described the injustice in implementation as another of the problems of these international conventions and said, “Large governments easily violate these conventions. The United States has also withdrawn from several agreements and conventions in the past few months, since the Westerners do not consider the observance of these as a necessity but they require others to observe them.”


The member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said, “Another problem is false interpretations. Through the FATF, actions are arranged in such a way that, with the false interpretation of terrorism, they can cut off the arteries of the Yemeni, Syrian, Bahraini, Syrian, Iraqi resistance and Hezbollah. Through false interpretations, they grant the Israeli usurper security but the major Islamic Resistance Front will be subject to sanctions.”


Arguing that hierarchy has become a tool for cultural imposition, he said that Westerners are measuring the society with their intellectual tools, oppression and carrying out crimes against others and through various actions, they want to take society towards non-divine values and one of these tools is conventions.


Ayatollah Arafi said, “Unfortunately, we have faced four major harms over the past 100 years in the conventions and the West has unilaterally pushed the entire world towards it. According to the conventions and false interpretations, many acts of oppressions have been committed and humanity has the right to be pessimistic. Through the FATF, they want to eliminate the Islamic Resistance Front. We say that the conventions must be established based on rational principles and the rights of all of humanity.”


The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom pointed out, “The solution to this issue is that we have the right to protect and stand firm and not to sign these conventions. In a meeting with parliamentarians, the Supreme Leader of the Revolution [Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei] emphasized that they must not be trapped in colonial contracts unknowingly or without consideration, but they must act independently. The parliament and the government must pay attention to these important points.”


He criticized the weak petition issued some politicians for negotiations with the United States, “In the current crisis with the United States and with the cutthroat actions and the disloyalty of Donald Trump and the United States, those calling for negotiations with the renegades whose time for disloyalty has not passed, this move was false and wrong and the nation will stand in the line of the Supreme Leader and in line with the wilayah [guardianship] against these ill-advised chants. The path of salvation for the nation and the Islamic ummah is through intelligence, wisdom, courage and resistance against the United States.”


Ayatollah Arafi added, “The issues facing Yemen are very worrisome and the world is silent against the day-to-day attacks on these oppressed people. The Saudi and Emirati invasion, with the support of the United States and the Zionists, is an act of manifest oppression that harms every human being and the Islamic ummah and international institutions must wake up.”


Press Shia News Agency