Press Shia – Hujjat al-Islam Nabil Qawouq said, “By creating a crisis in Syria, the enemies sought to undermine the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and dominate over it.”

Press Shia – In a speech, Hujjat al-Islam Nabil Qawouq, the vice-president of the Executive Council of Hezbollah, condemned Saudi Arabia’s apparent involvement in the formation of a new government in Lebanon and emphasized that these interventions have raised the expectations of some groups and increased participation in the new government.


The Lebanese Shi’ah cleric said that the demands of foreigners, such as the United States, as well as some of the groups that are in contact with them inside the country, will be revealed to everyone and the delay in the formation of the new government will cause serious damage to national interests and benefits.


He added that if Saudi Arabia and their domestic mercenaries affiliated to the arrogant powers assume that by intervening in the formation of a government and by seeking a share in the sovereignty of the nation, they can compensate for their heavy defeat in the parliamentary elections, they have made a great mistake.


Hujjat al-Islam Qawouq pointed to a change in political equations in the region and the inability of Saudi Arabia to impose its opinion on domestic groups and, “The victories that have been achieved one after the other in southern Syria are a victory on the strategic, political, military and security fronts and a heavy defeat for Saudi Arabia, the United States and Israel.”


On July 12, the Syrian army raised the national flag over the southern city of Dara’a, the birthplace of the sedition that began in March 2011 before morphing into a foreign-backed militancy that continues to this day.


The senior member of Hezbollah said, “The recent victories of the Islamic Resistance Front have increased the Israeli-American threats to the power of Lebanon against the dangers posed by the Takfiris and Israel, just as they have presented the best service to the Syrian refugee case.”


By explaining the economic, political, military, and security achievements, he said that the equations in the Middle East have changed in benefit to Hezbollah and added, “In the [2006] 33-Day War, Israel used all its military power and political support to break the will of the Islamic Resistance but was defeated at the end.”


In conclusion, Hujjat al-Islam Qawouq said, “By creating a crisis in Syria, the enemies sought to undermine the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and dominate over it, as well as to advance towards Iran, but now they have confessed to their mistake. By participating in the war with the Takfiris, Hezbollah defeated all the plots of the enemies.”


Hezbollah and its political allies are the biggest winners in Lebanon’s first general election in nine years, which was held on May 6, willing 67 seats in Lebanon’s 128-member parliament.


Prior to the elections, a document was uncovered which pointed to Riyadh regime’s fiendish plot to assert enormous influence on the  elections and engineer the polls in favour of House of Saud.


Press Shia News Agency