Press Shia Agency – Ayatollah Mahmoud Abdollahi said that livelihood and economic independence are among of the pillars of the Islamic system’s independence and authority.

Press Shia Agency – In an exclusive interview with Press Shia Agency News Agency, Ayatollah Mahmoud Abdollahi, a member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, said that livelihood and economic independence are among of the pillars of the Islamic system’s independence and authority and said, “The vacuum in this area is a vacuum in the authority and sovereignty of the Islamic Republic, although there are other pillars and other issues.”


The representative of the people of Esfahan in the Assembly of Experts added, “The arrogant powers of the world are attempting to create a crisis for the system through economical means. Sanctions are being put in place to create a financial crisis and cause popular dissatisfaction among the people and of course, interference.” 


He said, “These problems and economic vacuums are not solely due to foreign sanctions and pressures but rather they are due to the weakness of management and the vacuum in management, economic corruption, disruptions and so forth, to enable the enemies to reach their goals.”


Ayatollah Abdollahi considered the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, as guardian who oversees and directs the general issues of the Islamic system of government and said, “For many years, in his yearly slogans and general redlines, the Supreme Leader relied on economic issues and economic vacuums and the slogans of the year were mostly in regard to economic issues and in the current year, the slogan has also been in regard to support for Iranian products, which is the focus of the Resistance Economy.”


Referring to the Supreme Leader’s special attention to the economic and livelihood issues of the people, His Eminence said, “If the system wants to defeat the enemies in this economic war, and in order for them to be effective over the enemies’ plotting, they must focus on domestic resources, capital, forces, and jihadi management.”


He added, “The principle of the Resistance Economy is based on domestic production. Wasteful imports and smuggling are problematic in this means. These imports and smuggling have harmed domestic production. Smuggling is one of the impediments to the Resistance Economy and has severely harmed production and employment.”


Ayatollah Abdollahi considered the aforementioned cases as an economic vacuum and stated, “These economic vacuums indicate that management is suffering from a vacuum. If there is jihadi management and complete attention, this vacuum will not come into existence.”


The member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom noted, “Along with these issues, there is a vacuum and corruption in the banking system of the country. The liquidity in the country is like blood in the veins of a human being. The bank must inject this liquidity into society in an appropriate manner and resolve its needs.”


He added, “Instead of providing liquidity to the masses, it will be available to a few people and few will enjoy a high level of facilities and then become bank liens.”


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