Press Shia Agency – Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Ali Fadhlullah said that unity and efforts to eliminate ignorance from the Islamic community was the most important concern of the late Allamah Fadhlullah.

Press Shia – In a speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Allamah Sayyid Muhammad-Husayn Fadhlullah in Damascus, Syria which was attended by a crowd of religious, social, cultural and popular personalities, Hujjat al-Islam Sayyid Ali Fadhlullah said, “Allamah Fadhlullah was very interested in Syria and for this reason, he was worried about the future of this country.”


Allamah Sayyid Mohammad-Husayn Fadhlullah (November 16, 1935 – July 4, 2010) was a prominent Shi’ah cleric from a Lebanese family.


The senior Lebanese Shi’ah cleric said, “My late father was concerned not only with Syria but also with all the countries calling for freedom, lest national and Islamic and unity of the heavenly religions would be attacked because unity is the neutralizer and the antithesis of the plans and plots of the enemies and those who do not want good for the region.”


He added that Allamah Fadhlullah was strongly opposed to the idea that religions and sects did not have the power and ability to coexist peacefully, religion was a basic problem of life and eventually, religiosity would end in religious wars and said, “His Eminence was concerned for those who want Islam and all religions to become rituals and formalities.”


Hujjat al-Islam Fadhlullah noted that Allamah Fadhlullah confronted such doubts with the emphasis on the humanity of Islam and the philosophy of the revelation of this religion in serving mankind and said, “Religion wasn’t sent down for Muslims to care only about Muslims or for Christians to care only about Christians but rather the philosophy of religious law was revealed for the protection of all human beings.”


The Friday prayer leader of Haret Hrayk stated, “According to the late Allamah Fadhlullah, religion was revealed to eliminate ignorance and backwardness and break down all fences and boundaries. Thus, religious freedom must be associated with freedom. Mankind is free, both in religion and in the face of others.”


He stated, “Allamah Fadhlullah said dialogue was the only solution to address misunderstandings and problems and therefore, he gave a lot of attention to the proximity of ideas and the prevention of opportunity for the owners of deviated thoughts and disagreements. One of my late father’s concerns was that dialogue in a calm environment is not intended to consolidate opinions but to solve problems.”


Hujjat al-Islam Fadhlullah added, “Respecting the humanity of man is a human feeling, regardless of sect and political position. Playing on sectarian sensitivities is a door to sedition and interference aimed at carrying out others’ projects on our soil. They tried to create sedition between Muslims and Christians. It turned out that there were no benefits for Muslims or for Christians but only benefited the creators of a project to target the region. The situation in Syria is similar to this.”


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