TEHRAN (Press Shia) – Syrian Shiite residents of al-Fuaa and Kafraya villages in north-western Idlib province were finally evacuated from the settlements that have been under siege from militants since 2015.

Some civilians recounted their experience to the press when reached the Jebreen camp in Aleppo on Thursday.

"We were under a harsh siege; we were in a shortage of gas and food. Mortars were falling like hurled stones," one resident recalled. "We were suffocated; this suffocation was like hard death."

Meanwhile, there has been numbers reports of misconducts from the militants’ side during the evacuation in which the evacuees’ buses came under barrage of stones that is completely visible on the bus windows in a video published by Ruptly.

Syrian government news agency SANA said "121 buses and tens of ambulances" participated in the evacuation of al-Fuaa and Kafraya, as it travelled through militant-held territory on its way to safety in Aleppo province. The two villages were emptied in three batches.

The operation was part of a deal struck between the government and the militants.