TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry strongly condemns the recent approval of “the Jewish nation-state law” by the Israeli Knesset, which recognizes Jewish supremacy over Palestinians, a source at the ministry said on Saturday.

The Syrian government decries the Knesset’s new law, which fans the flames of racism in the occupied territories, the source was quoted as saying by Syria’s Arabic-language SANA news agency.

This racist law is more ruthless than the old apartheid system in South Africa, he added.

The Syrian diplomat further called on the international community to shoulder its responsibilities and exert pressure on the regime to abolish the law which is in violation of all principles of the United Nations.

On Thursday, Israeli parliament (Knesset) adopted a controversial bill that declares the occupying entity “the nation-state of the Jewish people.”

The law prioritizes “Jewish” values over democratic ones in the occupied territories, declares Jerusalem al-Quds the “capital” of Israel, allows Jewish-only communities, sets Hebrew as the official language of Israel and relegates Arabic from an official language to one with “special status.”