TEHRAN (Press Shia Agency) – Secretary of State of the United States Michael R. Pompeo was interrupted during anti-Iran remarks at the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library in Simi Valley, California by a black woman apparently protesting against the Trump’s Administrations’ so-called Zero-Tolerance policy.

Not long after Pompeo begin his remarks against Iran, a black woman stands up and takes out what appears to be a red flag and screams at the State Secretary saying “Trump is kidnapping children”, then was interrupted by booying pro-Trump audience and apparently was forcibly removed from the scene, during which the camera sticks to the anxious Pompeo who at first it can be seen on his face that he doesn’t know what is going on and just stares at the woman.

The move was seemingly in support of the more than 2,500 migrant families who were shattered by the Trump Administrations zero-tolerance policy in which 2,187 migrant children over age 5 have yet to be reunited with their parents.

Nearly 3,000 immigrant children were torn from their undocumented parents at the US’ southern border after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced zero tolerance in May.

The policy, which pledged to refer all illegal entries for criminal prosecution, resulted in migrant adults being placed in the custody of the US Marshals Service while their children were handed over to the Department of Health and Human Services. Under previous administrations, illegal entries were typically only referred for civil proceedings, thereby erasing the need for family separations, accoding to NYdaily.

Detainees at the car park in the 1990s, then a detainee holding center in 2018 are held in crowded “hieleras” – cold detention rooms – unable to bathe, brush teeth or change clothes, according to a report this week by attorneys who visited Border Patrol stations and family detention centers.